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How to manage orders pending validation and performed manually on BigBuy through the MIP

If you have the Enterprise pack and work with the Multichannel Integration Platform (MIP), all orders are created automatically on BigBuy and do not require any intervention on your part. Once created on BigBuy, orders are issued and the status is updated on our sales channel and on the MIP. When the tracking information is available, tracking will be added to the order.

This process, despite not requiring intervention, does require tracking; this is due to the fact that in some cases, the e-commerce software or marketplaces may pass an order to the MIP with invalid data, so this order remains in the order section of the MIP as pending review. The orders that are pending review do require intervention in order to be able to proceed.

If there are orders pending review, the order section will have a red dot. If so, you must enter the section where the “Pending Review” orders tab will open by default. You must review and correct the orders pending review as soon as possible to prevent stock breakages, price changes, discontinuations…

In the photo example, all orders appear as pending review because there is no balance in the wallet. It is very important that there is always money in the wallet, otherwise all orders synchronised from the MIP will remain as pending review and you will run the risk of running out of stock within the time period between topping up the wallet and manually resending the order.

When an order is in the “Pending review” status, you have the option of choosing another shipping method, which can be especially useful if there has been a day delay in resending the order and you want it to arrive earlier.

In the following image, you can see an order that has been pending review, therefore, as we have mentioned above, this requires your intervention in order to send it.

In this case, it is an Amazon order that has reached the MIP without information on the buyer’s surname: we can see this in the red box and it also gives the reason as “Missing surname”.

To solve the problem, go to “Delivery address” and click on the pencil icon to edit the order’s delivery details.

The following screen will appear, in which you must add or correct the missing details, in this case, the surname, and then save it.

Once you have done this, you must go to the red box and click the “Resubmit order” button.

If there is no money in the wallet, you must top it up as soon as possible, go to the orders that are pending validation and click “Resubmit order” on each individual order.

There may be some cases where you want to manually make the order through the BigBuy website, although you should only do this if the order is in the “pending review” status. If you are in this process, you should not do it as the order has been sent automatically and would be duplicated. If the order is pending review and you are going to do this manually on BigBuy, the steps are as follows:

  1. Add the products to the basket on BigBuy and place the order as usual.
  2. In step 3 of the “Your internal reference” order, place the order’s reference into the sales channel.

The data, in addition to being found in the sales channel, is in the MIP identified as an ID order.

  1. Within the MIP, go to the order details and, in the red box, mark it as “Order sent manually”, the MIP then marks it as “sent manually” and updates the status and tracking of the order automatically, as it has the reference linked to the order that we have made manually on BigBuy.

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