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How to configure the blocking access to minors module through popup?

One of the functionalities we provide by default in our 360º Dropshipping Shop is a module which blocks access, via a popup. This functionality is useful to block access to minors in your themed Sex Shop, so we provide this with the module installed and activated.

We provide the shop with full catalogue with the module installed but not activated; below, we will explain how to configure it. In the rest of the themed shops we don’t provide the module, but if you want to, you can request it by sending a ticket to our Support team.

To configure the module, on the control panel of your PrestaShop, go to Modules > Modules & Services > Installed Modules and, within the section, look for the module bbcustompopup. Click on Configure.

Once inside, you have the configuration options for the module:

  • Enable popup: You should click YES to activate the blocking popup in the shop.
  • Cookie length: This option indicates the time it will take for the popup to appear again after the user has accepted the conditions of it. If it is set to 0, the popup will appear each time the page is viewed. However, the recommended value is 100,000.
  • Popup content: is the text which appears in the popup when confirmation of age is requested. It can be modified in each language.

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