Shipment and carriers

How to install and configure the carriers module on a Prestashop synchronised via Multi-channel

When you synchronise your own Prestashop through the Multi-channel Integration Platform, you can synchronise the carriers so that they are fully integrated with BigBuy.

In order to do this, follow the steps below:

1. At the first step of the configuration process for your Prestashop store, you will find a link to download the carriers’ module.



2. Download the module and install it in your store. In this article, we explain how to install a module.

Once installed, the module will include a default configuration with all the available carriers to choose from.

How to increase the price of carriers

Go to the “BigBuy Carriers” section on the menu on the left.


There are two ways to increase the price of a carrier (Warning: Do not modify the section SKU Prefix [1]).

Option 1:
Indicate the percentage increase (2)
Select the carrier for which you want to make this change (3)

Option 2:
Click on the Edit button (4)
The same section as in Option 1 will appear, but with the carrier selected. Follow the steps as above and save.
You need to be aware that changes made to costs will be made automatically in your store and the list of carriers will be updated every week, if necessary.

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