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The best for your store: 10 trending products for 2018


If you’re thinking of increasing your earnings from your store or, are planning to start dropshipping soon, don’t miss out on the 10 trending products for 2018!

Although it requires effort and marketing, an ecommerce is supported by three basic things: good products, the best prices and a great service. In the limitless universe of the Internet, the key is differentiation and your capacity to adapt. For this reason, you need to be up to date with trends and public demand in general, and particularly within your niche.

As the middle of the year approaches, it’s time to ask yourself, “what trending products can I add to my store?”. We want to help you make 2018 your year, the year in which your ecommerce takes off.  

Finding the product that makes you a success can be tenuous and virtually impossible, as fashions and trends can fluctuate quite a lot. For this reason, our fundamental message is differentiate yourself. But, you ask how? This article is based on our own experience as dropshipping providers, and will show you the 10 best trending products for 2018. Take note!  

Inflatable Flamingo Swim Ring

After its success in 2017, this product is destined to be a top seller again this year. It’s a striking, simple and economical item which arouses that “must have” feeling when seen on the beach or at the pool.

Moments of relaxing on the beach or at the pool are increasingly associated with having the latest fashion and, of course, spending time with friends. The Inflatable Flamingo Swim Ring ticks all the right boxes for being packed into the water lovers’ rucksack.

Without a doubt, this Inflatable Flamingo Swim Ring responds to a need, particularly among younger people who keep up to date with all the trends. Also, because it was so popular last year – on a seasonal level – it means that those who could not buy one last summer, will be wanting to get theirs as soon as possible.

To reinforce this fact: searches by the general public for inflatable flamingos have been increasing for some years, with a clear rise during the summer months of 2017, and with some later searches that, as winter approached, point to a great summer for this item. So, here we have a product which, in general, responds to searches by trend, but which, as a summer accessory is also an impulse buy.



This is the ideal product to include in a general ecommerce store, or one for trending items or for curiosities. Don’t lose sight of it!

Electric Precision Haircutter with LED

Many studies have already highlighted the rapid growth of male aesthetics, and this evolution indicates that the trend will continue to rise exponentially in 2018.

Male body care has become a culture with many unconditional devotees. So much so that, according to Men’s Health magazine, today some 80% of men enjoy pampering their bodies.

Within this sector, and within the process of grooming (the care of men’s skin and hair), the main product niche is occupied by shaving. Keeping in mind many men’s desire to perfect their beard – see the hipster fashion -, this very relevant data indicates that the Electric Precision Haircutter with LED is without a doubt a trending product for 2018.

According to Google Trends, this trend is reflected in searches, which is very relevant data if we keep in mind that ecommerce is the preferred space for this type of purchase. Following this, there’s a rising trend for searches such as “hair cutting” and “hair cutting machine”.



Due to this, we have a product which will be in great demand this year, particularly due to its multifunction mode for nose, beard, ears, eyebrows… With this single item you can satisfy multiple requirements for managing male facial hair.

LED UV Nail Lamp

We remain in the beauty sector, a profession whose figures simply don’t stop rising. The LED UV Nail Lamp is, without doubt, a trending product for 2018.

In order to reach this conclusion, you have to keep various things in mind. On the one hand, and according to data provided by L’Oréal, in recent years the nail polish market has experienced the highest growth within the make-up sector. As an anecdote, during recent times, one no longer talks about lipstick as a measure of the economic crisis. Women prefer to combat times of downturn by colouring their nails.

In this context, and even though there’s an increasing number of men who rely on these products, female clients are beginning to demand new technologies from this sector, and this is where the LED UV Professional Nail Lamp or the Mini LED UV Nail Lamps (depending on taste and needs) come into play.

Today, this item combines two peaking items: LED lamps, due to their low energy consumption and environmental qualifications, and responses relating to drying nails.



Door Handcuffs

The erotic items sector is experiencing constant growth, and it would certainly be a profitable idea to start a dropshipping Sex Shop.

One of the biggest reasons for this rise is the sexual liberation of women, with the resulting lack of concern about what people might think, as well as the desire to live out certain fantasies. This has resulted in Door Handcuffs becoming a trending product for 2018.

Films and books, like the well-known “50 Shades of Grey” have awakened a whole generation and have placed words like “domination” and “BDSM” on the lips of a whole generation of women, who have created their own range of products. There was great demand for this type of item when the film was released. Nevertheless, an ever-increasing number of women feel more confident and are making more daring purchases, generating a rise in the sale of Door Handcuffs. The handcuffs are also reasonably priced, when you keep in mind the average value of this sector.

This type of product is perfect for a general Sex Shop store, although with the immense range of erotic items available, this is a great opportunity to take the plunge into bondage or BDSM products. Take the plunge!

Massager with Acupressure Points

The democratisation of the Internet and the increase in office-based work is unstoppable, and their consequences are also increasing.

Today, the spa and massage industry is experiencing an annual increase of 15%, with an additional, and more than considerable, rise due to DIY or do it yourself (for the money it can save, among other things). In this context, one has to add the alarming data shown recently: 50% of lost work days are related to back pain.

With this data in hand, and because of the ever-increasing demand for alternative treatments that can be done in your own home, we can confidently confirm that the Massager with Acupressure Points is a trending product for 2018.

This product would be ideal in a sports or body care dropshipping store, particularly when keeping in mind that searches for this product are increasing.


Mug with Unicorn Handle

We can’t deny it. Unicorns are here to stay, at least for a long time yet. These mythical animals take us back to happy childhoods, and they began to be fashionable just over two years ago. But the Mug with Unicorn Handle has seen an unprecedented rise since the end of 2017 and, because of this, is a trending product in 2018.

We have had the T-shirt, the mobile phone cover, the floats and even the food. But now, the time has arrived for the mug! This is an item which includes both searches and impulse buys, and for this reason is perfect for themed or general shops with a varied public. The most important thing is to keep trends updated.


Despite being an exploited subject, in many cases there has not been enough experimentation with the design and it has changed only very slightly. This is where our mug comes in: it’s striking and very original! Release the child inside you and give a magical touch to your store!

USB Ventilator with Clock

Due to their innovative designs and responses to our needs, gadgets are flooding the market, although much of the time, they’re items which are simply fun or curious.

Nonetheless, there’s an ever-growing demand for items which really have a specific function, even more so when they cover more than one need. This is where the gaming market, with a turnover of more than 30.000 million dollars, comes into play.

Despite the fact that this niche market looks for specific brands and products, it’s guided by impulse much of the time and people buy gadgets that respond to the less important daily needs. A clear example of what we mean is confirmed by searches on Google Trends: the USB Ventilator with Clock is a trending product for 2018.


As with other gadgets, this curious item satisfies two needs at the same time and is easily connectible via a simple USB cable. But we’re taking it further: What makes this item worthy of being on your mental list is its versatility. It can be included in either a generalist, a gaming, an IT or a gadget store. You choose!

LED Solar Lantern

Decoration is a key sector within the online world which is growing at an exaggerated pace. On average, the low prices and the possibility of acquiring various items with many functions are making sales figures grow on a daily basis. Nonetheless, in this case, decoration is joined by two other large sectors which are also enjoying a golden age: solar energy and  LEDs. With this data, the LED Solar Lantern is going to be a success as a trending product in 2018.

Despite the fact that solar energy – which grew more than any other technology in 2016 – and LED lights have been in the spotlight for years, there’s no doubt whatsoever that in 2018 the trend will be introduced into every home. Google Trends proves this.



Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Get a head start on the market and add the LED Solar Lantern to your store. This product suits many tastes, is economical and excels on the environmental front. It’s an introduction to renewable energy, which saw the greatest growth in 2017, and it’s unique!

Illuminated Cocktail Fountain

In 2018, it’s difficult to doubt the importance of Instagram as one of the most frequently used networks, and thanks to their influencers and the power of the image, Instagram creates the greatest number of trending products. If we add to this the popularity of impulse buying when we are organising a party at home or getting together with friends, the Illuminated Cocktail Fountain will be a trending item in 2018 for sure.

First there was the gin and tonic with a thousand flavours and colours. But this is the year of the home cocktails on a large scale. Since the crisis began, alcohol consumption has reduced considerably, whilst alcohol bought in supermarkets has increased enormously.

Trends show that recipes are one of the biggest draws to the Internet, and there are plenty of cocktail recipes; as evidence of this, check out searches for “cocktail recipes”.



The Illuminated Cocktail Fountain supplies all these needs in one go: It’s low priced, eye-catching, a talking point, and is the perfect thing for hosts that like to follow trends and love sharing their discoveries. Additionally, from our experience as dropshipping providers, party items work very well and are in great demand.

Give your clients what they want. With the Illuminated Cocktail Fountain they will enjoy themselves like children. Especially when sharing on social media!

Self-inflating Lounger

Lastly, there’s no doubt that you have to include the Self-inflating Lounger in your dropshipping store. Top Purchase and trending product for 2018.

Here’s an item that covers many diverse market niches because of its practicality, design and price. Well-placed in the leisure sector and the sector for inflatable loungers, this is going to see a big rise this year. This product perfectly combines the two worlds, without any concern about the season you buy it, as it’s not exclusively designed for the beach or pool.



As it doesn’t require an inflator, it’s easy to use. This Self-inflating Lounger will adapt to any event, especially festivals. It can be a lifesaver on many occasions: hiking, car journeys, caravanning, camping… Festivals are going through a golden age: public attendance is increasing and the actual number of festivals has multiplied. Expectations for 2018 are very encouraging.  

The figures accompany this, but being realists, these events have a high cost and, because of this, people who attend are looking for ways to cut costs in accommodation and food.  This is where the Self-inflating Lounger comes into play: It barely takes up any space, is economical and inflates in seconds. Can anything give you more?


We’re aware that choosing 10 trending products for 2018 is very complicated, particularly when many potential items have been left by the wayside. But we think that this selection could offer a starting point to extending your catalogue, or perhaps to starting a dropshipping store.

Whatever your situation, we warmly encourage you to join the trends bandwagon on BigBuy. As a dropshipping provider, we have experience in the sector and would be delighted to guide you. You can count on us!

The best for your store: 10 trending products for 2018
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