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BigBuy, Best Marketplace Technology Award at the 2018 eAwards


Last September at the eAwards Madrid 2018, BigBuy won an award for the best marketplace technology for its Multi-Channel Integration Platform tool.

This tool, the cornerstone of BigBuy in terms of synchronisation and integration, helps to automate and centralise the management of various types of software for both e-commerce and Marketplaces.

What are eAwards?

eAwards are awarded annually by the company eWorld, the publishing company of eShow Magazine and organiser of the prestigious eShow Fair.

These awards aim to publicly recognise the innovations developed by Spanish agencies and companies. The eAwards value their professionalism, the research carried out and, of course, the improvement of the user’s shopping experience.

Many companies attend these awards, which comprise a range of categories from Best Creative Agency and Designer of Online Stores to Best Software Platform for E-commerce, and Best Marketplace Technology – the category for which BigBuy was awarded.

Among the companies participating in the eAwards were companies such as Arsys, Amazon Web Services, Vtex, Mirakl, Shopify, Magento Adobe, Glovo, Correos Express and Seur. BigBuy was a finalist in its category, along with Vtex and Mirakl, and went on to win the award.

This awards ceremony, which is particularly acclaimed within the sector, brought together a large number of Spanish e-commerce professionals, all of whom are great corporate ambassadors for our country.

Recognition of BigBuy’s work

Collecting the award for the best marketplace technology on behalf of BigBuy was Salvador Esteve, CEO and Co-Founder of BigBuy.

This award recognises BigBuy’s work and effort in generating solutions that enable online stores to be integrated into marketplaces in the best way possible, and with minimal complexity.

In addition, BigBuy stands out – and is respected for – its ability to continuously adapt to the changes and developments that occur in the marketplace.
BigBuy’s Multi-Channel Integration Platform is a platform created for its customers, with the objective of automating both BigBuy synchronisation and the multi-channel integration of any e-commerce – a milestone in the sector.

The platform’s ability to easily link up to e-commerce software such as Prestashop 1.7, as well as advertising tools such as Google Shopping and marketplaces such as Amazon, really must be highlighted here.

The Multi-Channel Integration Platform (MIP) is in continuous development, with the aim of adapting it to marketplaces and to integrating its software into more and more marketplaces. It is a platform that is constantly growing so it can always offer the best solution to its customers.

It also has great advantages, such as catalogue management in several languages, the possibility of creating pricing rules, the automation of the margin strategy and the provision of stock in real time, among many others.

BigBuy’s Multi-Channel Integration tool is, in short, one of the best tools for connecting an e-commerce to large online stores like Amazon. And the eWorld company recognised it this year with its celebrated eAward.

BigBuy, Best Marketplace Technology Award at the 2018 eAwards
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