Discover the benefits of starting a dropshipping Sex Shop business


Society is changing at a rapid pace. While a few years ago few people were hedging their bets on this sector, today opening a dropshipping sex shop business is a highly profitable idea. We’ll tell you why!

The development of the internet and women’s sexual liberation have come together in a business with a great present and future: Online Sex Shops. Physical shops are no longer able to offer their customers everything they are looking for, and so the sector is expanding its options in the digital field, with breathtaking success.

If you’re reading this post it’s likely that the idea of starting a dropshipping Sex Shop e-commerce has crossed your mind. If that’s the case, then here at BigBuy we encourage you to try it out, as it’s a sector with many possibilities whose growth is in full swing. Thanks to our experience with providing dropshipping Sex Shop services and erotic items, we can show you the multiple reasons why you should go into this fascinating line of business.


It’s a business that has continued to grow, even in times of crisis

The online Sex Shop sector is in a good period, and we are able to confirm that the past few years have been the best in terms of sales and people reached.

The sale of this type of product has stopped being something marginal and become one of the most traffic-garnering things on the internet, considered to be one of the digital markets that has the greatest global reception. In fact, according to data from the Forum for Digital Economy, during the last few years it has had an inter-annual growth rate of 25%, with a more than 40% sales increase, and these are among the least optimistic numbers.

In Europe, it has in fact has been one of the few sectors that has been able to fight back against the economic crisis, to the point where Spain has garnered a 20% share of the global market, with an annual revenue of more than 500 million euros, a figure you can’t turn your nose up at.

With this data at your fingertips, you can take it as a surefire sign that starting a dropshipping Sex Shop business is a safe and open road, something that at BigBuy we know perfectly well, which is why it is one of the sectors that we are investing in most.


E-commerces keep the better part of sales income

We’re probably looking at one of the sectors that has made the most of the advantages that the digital world provides. Today, there are hardly any physical stores selling erotic products that don’t have an online shop, now that the internet gives customers two big advantages: anonymity – primarily – and convenience.

In spite of the fact that society is experiencing this cultural shift and that this is an increasingly un-taboo thing, many people still prefer that nobody know they have made erotic purchases. Online Sex Shops are the best way of maintaining that anonymity, since they make it possible to purchase any sex toy from the comfort of their own homes, without anyone knowing, thereby avoiding much unwanted travel.

Through BigBuy, we ensure that discretion is maintained up to the last, which is why your customer will be receiving anonymous packages. At no time will the name of your business appear, so as to maintain the trust that they have put in your online shop.


Demand is very high and constant

The Sex Shop dropshipping business is one that’s able to count on constant customer demand. The blossoming of sexuality and the normalization of these products means that this option can have great results. In fact, not only is there constant demand, but it’s dramatically increasing.

To show the demand for this type of product, it’s necessary to mention the amount of searches they receive. According to Google’s Keyword Planner, terms like “sexshop” get 331,000 searched a month on Google Spain, “sex shop” 74,000, and “Vibrator” 14,800.

This upward trend was also reflected in the Christmas holiday season: in December of 2017 and the first days of 2018 there were 50% more shipments as compared to the same period of the previous year, suggesting a further 20% increase in terms of average sales revenue. All of this goes to show that, while demand is constant, Sex Shop dropshipping has garnered a great reception, and is a very popular gift choice.

At BigBuy, we’re always working to ensure that this constant demand can be satisfied, and bettin on a sector that is experiencing a golden age.


It makes it possible to work with wider margins

However, for all that Sex Shop dropshipping can count on a very receptive market, the costs of these sorts of products continue to be a mystery. Although the vast majority of people may know the approximate cost of certain purchases like, say, that of the new iPhone, a smaller portion of the population can do the same with erotic items.

Bearing in mind the growing demand in this sector and the large variety of products available, it’s up to you to play around with these large margins! What’s more, the aforementioned unawareness allows you to sell products even at elevated prices. All of this means that it’s easy to play around with discounts and promotions, providing more incentive to the final customer.

Through BigBuy, as a Sex Shop and erotic item provider, we work tirelessly to ensure the best wholesale prices, allowing you to be the master of the prices for your Sex Shop dropshipping business, so that you have a whole range of possibilities and price tactics available to you!


The products are continually evolving

The erotic item sector is constantly evolving, so it’s seeing many innovations, day after day.

Products that allow you to enjoy sexuality, whether alone or as a couple, have ceased to be a taboo topic and transformed into a massive market. The reason? In addition to the revolution that we’ve already talked about, you have to take into account the new materials being introduced and the technology that’s used in the fabrication process. As an example, at BigBuy we have vibrators with cameras, or ones that you can control through an app.

Discover the constant stock updating we do at BigBuy, all so that your Sex Shop dropshipping business can be up to date on all the market trends, and so that your customers can find everything they need in your online shop.


An infinite variety of products and ease when it comes to focusing on micro-niches

Among other reasons, Sex Shop dropshipping is a great business option because of the very large range of products that it can offer. As opposed to a physical store, an online sex shop has the advantage of being able to stock countless erotic items, especially if it includes a dropshipping service, saving you a huge amount of money on logistics and storage. What’s more, given the nature of the business and the “shame” of the customer, the return rate is practically non-existent.

When it comes to sexuality, tastes are very, very varied, so it’s ideal to be able to have a large range of products in your online shop, allowing you to always meet the growing and diverse demand. However, if you want to fight the strong competition that exists in the network, it’s also a great option to opt for one of the many micro-niches of the erotic business, by creating, for example, an online sex shop for vibrators, oils, lubricants, or lingerie – the options are limitless!

This great variety is precisely one of the main reasons for the surge in online sales for this type of product. At BigBuy we’re perfectly familiar with the large variety that’s necessary in order to succeed in this business, so we have more than 5,000 erotic items available with which to stock your Sex Shop dropshipping business, a number that’s growing every day.

Discover all of our products: erotic accessories, aphrodisiacs and stimulants, rings, enlargers, extensions, erotic beads, bondage, dildos, lingerie, erotic massage, condoms, lubricants, sex games and toys, sets, and vibrators. There is a whole range at your disposal!


Sex Shop dropshipping suppliers

Inside the world of this enlarged network, there are Sex Shop dropshipping suppliers, so your only concern should be finding the best erotic item wholesaler, knowing that you need to trust them, their guarantees and their quality.

At BigBuy, we have the support of the best brands and with the added security of covering as many ranges as possible, without stopping to grow in both quality and quantity. What’s more, we are a wholesaler with more than 40,000 references, including for a number of erotic items.


With all of this information in your hands, the time has come for you to decide whether you want to start a Sex Shop dropshipping business. At BigBuy we encourage you to get started, as it’s a sector that has everything you need to success. If all this is clear to you, put your trust in us, since our success depends on yours – go ahead!

Discover the benefits of starting a dropshipping Sex Shop business
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