How to choose the best IT wholesaler with dropshipping service

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If you are reading this post about choosing a computer wholesaler, it’s because you have already thought about starting a dropshipping business.

If so, you know that to get yourself started in this world you need to make two big decisions: select which product to sell and, of course, choose the dropshipping provider you will be working with side by side.

Since you’re here, we’ll assume one element is clear: you are going to sell computer-related products through, of course, a dropshipping service. Choosing this range of products is without a doubt a very successful option, for several reasons:


  • It’s a booming market. As an example, computer wholesaler sales in Spain grew by 10% in 2016, as shown by the Canal TIC 2017 Ranking for the magazine Channel Partner.
  • It is a sector under constant renewal and innovation. Computer products also include a wide variety of devices, accessories and parts that can be purchased in a complementary or supplementary way.
  • These products are in constant demand, either for work or leisure, by both companies and individuals, and are “essential” for a large part of society.

Once this decision is made, it is time to tackle the following question: how do we choose the best computer wholesaler with dropshipping service? Here are some guidelines to follow:


Find an experienced IT wholesaler

Although this is advice applies to any type of product that you intend to sell with a dropshipping service, it is most important when computer products are involved.

We are talking about products that have many technical specifications, so a computer wholesaler should have a background of years of experience, in case they have to advise you. They will also need a certain amount of knowledge in order to offer the best brands and the best merchandise.

In addition, part of the quality of a good dropshipping provider is determined by their logistics services, because of the shipping urgency and care required by this market.

At BigBuy we have been offering a variety of computer ranges for many years. Today, we are one of the leading IT wholesalers offering a dropshipping service in Europe, which gives us the necessary knowledge you need to trust us as your supplier, with the backing of major brands.


Consider the price of the products offered

One of the main aspects you should consider when choosing your computer wholesaler is the price. First of all, you should carry out a small market study to know the average price; evaluating several proposals will also help you understand the quality, delivery times and payment conditions. Once you know the prices, you can also assess what your margins would be.

In addition to the price, you should also consider what discounts for volume purchases your dropshipping provider can offer, in addition to its additional expenses, such as shipping, packaging, storage, etc. This aspect is very valuable in the IT sector, since it is quite common for many companies to want to purchase computer consumables for all their workers and for the office, such as computers, adaptors and printers.

From BigBuy, owing to the large volumes we handle, our experience, the confidence we have with the manufacturers and our knowledge of the sector, we go out of our way to offer more than competitive wholesale prices. Because we know that you needn’t sacrifice quality for price and that if you and your customers are happy, so are we.


Find a computer wholesaler with variety and quality

In the online world, it is essential to be able to offer a large number of products, with the maximum possible variety. When it comes to computer products, this point is even more crucial.

A good computer wholesaler will offer a variety of products, such as printers, speakers or computers, with their respective extras. If a customer accesses your store and buys a laptop, and that purchase was satisfactory, in the future they will want to return to your e-business if for that laptop’s cover, so you need to have complementary products.

As far as quality and availability of brands is concerned, there is no discussion. Computer products are usually pricey, so having quality and recognised brands will bring a touch of distinction and confidence to your store.

At a separate point, it would also be advisable to have a computer wholesaler that has a plurality of products, that is, that offers different ranges. If you want to expand your e-business later because you are getting good results, you might want to expand your range with, for example, electronic products. When that happens, it would be a very good idea to be able to count on a dropshipping provider that you already know.

Variety and quality are two of our great pillars. At BigBuy we have more than 2,000 computer products, always backed by established brands, as well as thousands of other products we offer in other categories.

We don’t just offer computers, we also provide cables, adaptors, gaming items, peripherals, consumables, networks and components. This great variety positions us as reference for the number of potential customers who can find everything they need within our catalogue, translated into 24 languages.


Value customer service

Considering that you will be a customer of your IT wholesaler, one of the points to value is customer service. Within e-commerce, immediacy and internationalisation are paramount, so find an IT dropshipping provider that communicates through different channels (phone, email and social networks). In addition, it would be ideal to have support in several languages.

Here at BigBuy we value this aspect greatly, so we offer multiple channels of communication for our customers, with great response rate and serving them in many languages, such as Spanish, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian and Chinese.


Find wholesalers that provide fast shipment

If your IT wholesaler takes a lot more than 24/48 hours to dispatch an order, be careful! It could affect your reputation and, in the long run, your business figures. The competition would eventually “eat you up” if your delivery times become slow.

One way to check these shipping times is, of course, to place an order as a test. If the order takes too long to arrive, that is not the IT wholesaler for you. This sector requires fast times, especially since we’re talking about customers who consider these products a necessity or companies that need consumables for their offices.

At BigBuy we have a fast and agile shipment: most paid orders that arrive before 12 pm are shipped on the same day, although for logistics reasons they may be delayed 24/48 hours.


Make sure you have good warranties and after-sales conditions

A purchase does not end when a customer receives your order and, although it is not ideal, problems can arise with products in the short or long term. In this scenario, it is important to have a computer wholesaler who manages incidents effectively, even though some warranties are given by the manufacturers and others by the wholesalers, depending on the product.

As a computer wholesaler, we offer a fast and very beneficial warranty and after-sales service. We have some guidelines to follow that are available on our website for those who want to count on us in this exciting dropshipping adventure.


Your dropshipping wholesaler should help you

Going into e-commerce is not an easy task, so it would be best to be able to count on an IT wholesaler that can help you in the process.

Bearing in mind that if you win, they win too, the ideal provider would accompany you through the process with training in e-commerce, marketing and, above all, internationalisation. Why? Because of the competition and the intrinsic nature of online IT sales: your customers will speak multiple languages ​​and your online store will not be the only one that sells computers, software, printers or cables. That’s where the difference between a good dropshipping provider and one that leaves something to be desired lies.

At BigBuy we believe that training is essential to create and manage an online store, so we provide two main channels: our valued Academy and, on the other hand, our blog, translated into 23 languages.


The simplest option: turnkey solution

Since embarking on the opening of an e-business can be a bit complicated if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, it would be best to trust a computer wholesaler with dropshipping service that offers you a turnkey solution.

This solution involves the creation by the supplier of your online store, which would be delivered to you with complete synchronisation of products, orders, carriers… Ideal, right?

At BigBuy we have been offering this option for a long time: deliver a store to boost your sales. In a matter of 2 to 5 days, we have your 360º store equipped with the Multi-channel Integration Platform, e-marketplace integration, WordPress blog, newsletter creation tools, Facebook store, support resources and total synchronisation with BigBuy. The objective? For you to only worry about selling.


Having said all this, we hope you have the keys to selecting the perfect computer wholesaler with dropshipping service: the choice is all yours!

How to choose the best IT wholesaler with dropshipping service
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