Are you looking to buy costumes wholesale? Everything you should know about the sector


If you’re looking to buy costumes wholesale, or you’re at least interested in this particular sector, you’re in the right place! It’s more than likely that you need to learn certain details about this universe of masks, capes, imagination and fun.

With changing trends and the overwhelming rise of electronic commerce, the fancy dress/costumes sector is no longer a niche interest: nowadays it’s enjoyed by all kinds of people. Physical stores can no longer cover the varied and specific needs of customers and in this sector, E-commerce is here to stay. So jump on the bandwagon and create your own fancy dress dropshipping business, with the support of a trusted dropshipping supplier it will be much easier and more profitable!

At BigBuy, as a costumes and events accessories wholesaler we have more than 1.700 items and the necessary experience to guide you throughout the process.

Getting started as costume wholesalers hand in hand with dropshipping is a business venture with high success rates and the sector doesn’t require any particular experience to get on board. If you still have doubts, carry on reading, we can tell you why!

The numbers speak for themselves

Any excuse is good for dressing up, a very compelling reason to join the sector and become a costumes wholesaler.

After several years with significant growth figures, the costumes and accessories are showing even stronger growth trends this 2018, even for manufacturers. Retailers have an even better outlook, since 67% show an upward forecast. Wouldn’t you like to be in that percentage?

After these years of recession, in which the sector has barely suffered – there have been many consumers who have opted to forget about it all with party and costumes – costume sales have actually exceeded the figures prior to the recession.

Without a doubt, these are good times for the costumes sector. This 2018 it’s expected to grow by almost 20%, thanks to, among other factors, the high price-quality ratio currently available. We know all these great details perfectly on BigBuy, since we always try to offer the best items at the best price, and with the greatest possible variety of wholesale costumes!

Seasonality is no longer what it was

Traditionally, the sale of costumes has always been a fairly seasonal business model, with Carnival the most important part of the year. By no means do we claim that demand is constant, but the seasonal burden is lightening and less than 50% of sales are currently due to costumes for carnival and Halloween.


The already global nature of the festival with Dutch origin – although popularized by the United States -, regardless of our cultural approval or not, becomes ever more important in our society and with wholesale costumes this is the best tactic that can be adopted.

Leaving aside the religious element, Halloween is a massive boon on a commercial level, since a whole ritual has been invented around this festivity: costumes, decorations, sweets, parties, food… Over time this has been established as a consumerist period between the “back to school” and Christmas period, making it a great opportunity for e-commerce to exploit its relatively inexpensive prices when compared to a physical store.

It may seem like a minor issue, but it’s the perfect occasion to take advantage of the dropshipping costumes business you’re thinking of starting: the demand for items such as masks or wigs increases by 70% on the dates running up to this night. At BigBuy we have more than 200 wholesale costumes and items for Halloween, so that your business can be up to date, and we keep an eye out for the most terrifying trends!

Other celebrations

However, this seasonality is a barrier that’s growing weaker day by day, both for businesses and consumers.

Stores and most of all e-commerce try to alleviate such irregular demand by diversifying and expanding into other product ranges, such as themed parties or Christmas. Yet don’t worry about finding niche markets, at BigBuy we’ve located them! We can therefore provide you with more than 200 items for the holidays and hundreds tied to movies, series, or music, meaning that no costumes lover will feel left out.

In terms of consumers, they’ve discovered that any party or celebration can become more fun and interesting dressed-up, so the themed parties come alive and birthday parties have a bigger touch of fantasy every time.

To summarize, and according to 60% of manufacturers and more than half of costume vendors, said seasonality is disappearing thanks to the increase of festive celebrations and a resurgence in bachelor parties.

Trust BigBuy, whatever the occasion your clients are looking for to dress-up they can find the perfect outfit it in our catalog -which is soon to be yours- for an unforgettable celebration. We have more than 25 categories of wholesale costumes!

Perfectly adapted to online sales channels

The vast majority of sectors have been favored by the emergence of the Internet as a sales channel. There’s no doubt that costumes sales have resurfaced for the same reason, whilst also solving the problem of seasonality!

Starting an ecommerce is always a good option; starting your online wholesale business in this sector is an even safer bet. As already stated, aseasonality is no longer vital but continues to be very important in terms of annual sales, which is why an online sales channel is an opportunity. The reason? The Internet offers multiple options to boost sales and open your shop window to the entire world on specific dates such as Halloween, carnivals or Christmas.

The advantages of joining an ecommerce in the costumes sector, a very concrete niche market, are many. Let’s take a look at the main ones:

  • Convenience Regardless of your convenience as a seller, the consumer can access BigBuy’s immense catalog comfortably from their sofa at home, and avoid any queues, opening hours or travel.
  • Variety. Working with BigBuy, you’ll have more than 1,700 references and no need to store them. In this way your customers have everything they were looking for a mere click away.
  • Low Prices. The online channel favors price adjustments, especially because costs are lower than those in a physical store, and even lower if you don’t have to invest in stock and logistics!
  • Constantly updated. In the end, buying wholesale costumes is very similar to buying wholesale clothing, you need to renew your offer constantly if you wish to follow fashions. With BigBuy, you can forget about analyzing the market searching for trend changes, because we do it all for you.

Still have doubts? We can tell you that studies have shown the benefits of dressing up, not only for children’s, as more and more adults are joining the fun – while also being the biggest spenders-, so costumes are no longer part of a limited market… That said, we want the results to speak for themselves.


With all this data at your fingertips, the final decision belongs to you. When that moment comes, at BigBuy you’ll find a dropshipping supplier with wholesale costumes, among many other categories so that in future you can expand your catalog if you want. Jump into a successful and fun packed sector!

Are you looking to buy costumes wholesale? Everything you should know about the sector
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