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Tips to Optimise your Google Plus Profile for Ecommerces

As you would imagine from its name, Google Plus is Google’s social network. And, believe it or not, you should take into account when designing your strategy.

Although its use is not very widespread among individual users or businesses, the simple fact that it belongs to the giant of all giants means that we should keep a close eye on it and work it to our own benefit.

In this post we will re-examine the basic concepts surrounding this social network as well as giving some advice to follow to get the most out of your Google Plus profile.

How do I create a Google Plus profile?

The first step is to register for a Google Plus profile. As you are most likely visiting this blog because you have an e-business, we will now explain the step by step process to create a business Google Plus account.

It is important to remember that Google differentiates between personal and business profiles. For a business profile you will have to access the specific Google My Business page. Once on that page, you need to click on “Start Now”. You will be able to log in with a Google (Gmail) E-mail address, or a company e-mail address which is linked to Google.

The next step is to choose from one of the three options available for registering your business:

  • Showcase: perfect option if your business has a physical presence, like a store, restaurant, hotel…
  • Service Area: this option is for any business offering services to companies or individuals.
  • Brand: this option is perfect if, for example, your e-business does not have a physical shop-front or address, but does have a website where all of your products can be found.

You must choose the option which is best for your business. If you do not have a physical store or you do not want to publicise the fiscal address of your business, we would recommend the third option.

Ready! Now you have created your Google Plus or Google My Business profile, let’s see what we can do to make the most out of it.

Tips to make the most of your Google Plus/Google My Business presence

As we were saying, at this point, the small details which can make a difference between a normal Google Plus presence and the possibility of drawing more attention from possible clients come into play:

  • Fill in all of the possible details for your business: having a completely filled in Google Plus account is a good signal to Google who will “promote” companies which have all of their information up to date. We are talking about contact details, description, photos, production collections…
  • Keep your information up to date and share it: once you have all the statistical data, you must keep the page alive on Google Plus and share information about it. You can publicise new products for sale, promotional offers… From time to time, you can even share some information about your area or sector of business.
  • Make contact and interact with people: as we said at the beginning of this post, Google Plus is not a massive social network like Facebook or Twitter, but it is possible that a client or a new potential client will get in touch using it.
  • Check opinions: one of the Google tools which works is opinions inside the Google Plus tabs. Through the business profile, you can respond to all of the opinions which will be generated.
  • Centralise your information: one of the positive points of Google Plus or Google My Business is that if you have all of your Google products on the same Gmail account, you can change or update your e-business’s information all at the same time.
  • Attract traffic (and sales): now that you have created and updated your Google Plus or Google My Business page it will generate a new traffic channel through the web and as a consequence increase possible sales.
  • Analyse results: Google Plus offers statistics to every company which has a registered profile. This will show you the impact of your online business on your users and potential clients, so use it!

This is just some of the advice that will improve your presence on Google Plus, but, which other social networks can we work with? You will find more useful information in our article on social networks for e-businesses.

Are you ready to create your business image on Google Plus? Ask us if you have any further questions!

Tips to Optimise your Google Plus Profile for Ecommerces
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