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Valentine’s 2019: tips to help your dropshipping store succeed

February is a great month for e-commerce; Valentine’s Day is coming! If you still don’t have anything prepared in your dropshipping store or you need a push, take note of our Valentine’s Day ideas, since you still have time to boost your sales.

Valentine’s Day, although its origin didn’t foresee it, has become a key day for sales. What began as a commemoration of a priest who secretly married young lovers has resulted in a romantic holiday, yes, but one with a strong commercial background. Seize the opportunity and boost the sales of your dropshipping store!

Many businesses achieve particular success during this time of year; don’t get left behind and make sure you get your share of the pie; you have one of the largest audiences in the world: millions and millions of couples in love who want to prove it.

Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, a date to mark in your e-commerce calendar, with sales comparable to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and, in addition, it comes after the consumerist atmosphere of Christmas.

In Europe, after some Asian countries, you will find the biggest consumers of love these days, with spending which will vary between 90 and 220 euros per person on average, not insignificant figures. And we add a small detail… the ones who spend the most on Valentine’s Day are the Spanish, French, English, Italians and Germans. Even the banks of these countries break records on Valentine’s Day with digital loans… You already know where to aim!

Original gifts for Valentine’s Day: surprise your customers

In these romantic days, without a doubt, you have to get into the environment and know what your potential customers are looking for. We’ll tell you which products are the best sellers and – why not? – we also want you to think differently with our original gifts for Valentine’s Day. Why? We’ll let you into a secret: young people and singles who want to indulge seek original things!

Hearts and candles, undisputed kings of the campaign

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is about love and romanticism, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Amazon has announced two bombshells: candle sales for romantic dinners increased by 1,200% and heart-shaped products by 400%.

With such amazing figures, you can’t miss this opportunity in your dropshipping shop, but yes, our recommendation is that you differentiate yourself and count on candles and hearts, but original ones!



Valentine’s Day is about more than romanticism

As we have told you, if you want to stand out and make your clients fall in love with these dates, it is essential that you have original gifts for Valentine’s Day. And speaking of hearts and candles… give them a spicy touch!




We already commented in our article “Discover the advantages of starting a dropshipping Sex Shop business” on the rise which erotic items are experiencing in e-commerce; take advantage of the occasion; Valentine’s Day is one of the best dates for the sector in terms of sales.

Classics never fail, think of perfumes!

Earlier we talked about how many businesses achieved success on Valentine’s Day; wouldn’t you like the same thing to happen to your dropshipping store? If so, discover our wide variety of wholesale perfumes.

During these days perfumeries invoice 20% of their annual total, a figure which is juicy enough to leave these items on the side. And it is the case that the three classics (perfumes, flowers and chocolates) celebrate Valentine’s Day almost, almost as much as Christmas, since it is their second sales peak after this holiday. Of course, we have to confess that perfume is the one that survives best, where some stores sell twice as much as in a normal week.

With products in such high demand, with a more than predictable growth and which do not go out of style, you cannot get left behind. And if you want to surprise someone with original gifts for Valentine’s Day, we’ll give you some ideas…



Technology and electronics live their best moment

Valentine’s Day is surrounded by romanticism, as we know well, but in some couples this feeling is lost at the time of giving and they don’t conform to this aspect, but take a step further. Sophistication arrives and, why not, the increase in the average spend.

The irruption of technological gifts has stolen the budget from some more traditional gifts, so your dropshipping shop doesn’t have to be full of hearts and stuffed animals, at least not exclusively.

Every day it is easier to find a gadget-loving couple, in fact, most of the biggest lovers of technology will look for a mobile to give this Valentine’s Day. However, we want you to be up to date with the latest technology and the most original gifts of the sector, so we’ll show you some!



Conquer with the best original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Go for it and choose one of the product ranges which is most demanded by customers. In BigBuy you can find thousands of interesting and trendy items, a safe bet, so you know, give priority to your original gifts for Valentine’s Day.

In addition, this category can give you one of the greatest profit margins, without forgetting that many of these items work perfectly as impulse products.



Tips to highlight Valentine’s Day in your dropshipping store

The great advantage of having a dropshipping store is that you don’t have to worry about the stock and logistics, something which is highly valued in times of great demand and urgency in delivery, as in these campaign days, so leave that part to us.

Once you have all the original gifts for Valentine’s Day in your catalogue, it is a matter of publicising your products and your possible offers. Remember, you only have to sell, the rest is in the hands of BigBuy. Take note of these little tips to promote Valentine’s Day in your dropshipping store and the campaign will be a success.

  • It’s time to update your creativities. As we know that inspiration or time doesn’t always arrive, at BigBuy we help you with templates so that both your dropshipping store and your social networks and communications are in tune with Valentine’s Day.
  • Take advantage to make discounts and/or offers. Couples are anxious to find the perfect original gift to give, help them to decide with a small discount, close more sales than you think, especially at the last minute (more than 60% maximum time).
  • Do not neglect the power of social networks. We have repeated this on numerous occasions, but social networks are a great channel to advertise on. Take advantage of the special hashtags for Valentine’s Day and encourage yourself to create a contest or a draw, they are very, very profitable.
  • Communicate through email marketing. If you have not done so already, launch your email marketing campaign; it works wonders as a reminder and loyalty, without forgetting its low cost.
  • Dedicate time to your blog. Take advantage of content marketing and give life to your blog; it can be the ideal solution for a possible indecisive client.
  • Invest money in advertising. If it comes within your budget, it is always a good option to reach new users by dedicating a part of it to advertising on social networks or Google Ads.

Now, don’t waste another minute and get the most out of these days of hearts, candles, original gifts and, who knows, maybe a crush too for your dropshipping shop this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s 2019: tips to help your dropshipping store succeed
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