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Valid server for BigBuy’s Dropshipping Shop 360º

In this article we will explain which server is valid when it comes to choosing your Dropshipping 360º Shop. Our templates are optimised to work correctly, however, the server is the key element for good performance, so we recommend you choose SoyouStart.

Recommended server

  • SoyouStart is our recommended hosting. It is a non-managed dedicated server that offers the necessary resources for the correct working of the Dropshipping 360º Shop.  Find more information here.
    You should choose one of the SSD options, for example: “E3-SSD-5-32”, “E3-SSD-1-16”, “E3-SSD-2-32”…

Read our post about How to subscribe to Soyoustart.

If you have any questions, contact us through the BigBuy Contact Area before subscribing to the server.

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