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How does the renewal of credentials work in the marketplaces?

You may have heard of ‘tokens’ at some point. Tokens are the synchronisation credentials that are required to work with certain marketplaces. This is a unique sequence of characters associated with authentication and access permissions.

Users with sales channels on eBay, Amazon and AliExpress should refresh/renew access on a regular basis to avoid synchronisation problems. This will prevent the access credentials generated by these marketplaces from expiring.

When you refresh these accesses, token validity is extended and the old token is converted into a new one.

When do access tokens expire?

  • AliExpress: 6 months
  • Amazon: 1 year
  • eBay: 1 year

At BigBuy we recommend renewing each marketplace token quarterly to ensure that everything works smoothly and that the stores remain active.

How do you upgrade access tokens?

The eBay and AliExpress tokens are automatically updated from the Multi-Channel Integration Platform. In the left column, click on 'Emarketplaces’ and then select the marketplace you want to update and click on ‘Reset credentials’


To renew the Amazon token, you will need to access your Amazon seller account, click on the Renew Access option and update the new token generated on the Multi-Channel Integration Platform. We explain how to do this via the following link: How to synchronise Amazon using the Multi-channel Integration Platform

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