How to create category groups in AliExpress

We show you how to create category groups in your AliExpress store. To do this, follow these steps below:

  1. 1. Go to Products, located in the top menu and then click on Product Groups, located in the menu on the left. Click Add Group.



  1. Then name the group you are creating, for example: Sunglasses. Then click Save.

  1. In AliExpress there are a maximum of 10 categories. AliExpress offers them with pre-established names that you will be able to change. To edit the category, click on the Manage Group option.

  1. On the next administration screen, choose the Select Group option and add the products you want to that category. To do this select the category and mark all the products you want to add, click Yes to save. Do this with all the categories.


  1. If you wish, you can also use the symbols in each category to edit them. The first is to change the name of the group, the second to move its order in the display, and the third to delete it.

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