How to Manage Orders on AliExpress?

AliExpress is currently one of the most important marketplaces. Therefore it is essential to pay attention to the management of orders so that the platform’s 150 million+ users can buy and receive their order correctly.

Below, we will show you how to manage orders, deliveries and the actions to be carried out in order to manage them correctly.

Manage your orders on AliExpress

To manage AliExpress orders it is important to first access the AliExpress seller panel, enter your credentials and access the “orders” menu. You can do this through the following link:

notificaciones - estado de pedidos


Once inside the seller account, at the top you will find a menu showing the most important notifications related to the orders:

  • New orders. New orders that have come in throughout the day.
  • Pending payments. Orders that are waiting to be validated. These orders may be pending due to a problem with the payment or validation platform.
  • Pending shipments. Orders that have been accepted and whose payment has been made but have not yet been sent.
  • Cancellation requests. Orders with a cancellation request.
  • In dispute. Here you will find all orders with unresolved claims.
  • To review. Orders pending valuation by the seller and/or the customer.

Configure shipments on AliExpress

Shipments in AliExpress are made to Spain, Europe and other countries according to the template configuration.

The preparation time is between 4-5 (working) days through “Post office shipping” and “Post office Europe”. On AliExpress, you should take into account that the day the customer places the order counts as preparation time. We therefore advise that you add an extra day to the AliExpress shipping template – that is, set preparation time as 5-6 (working) days.

To configure the deliveries you need to access “products – delivery templates” and configure the different templates. For more information on how to configure the templates read the following article: How to configure AliExpress shipping costs

Once the templates are configured, select which one will be used by default.

In order to correctly manage the shipment of orders, below we will show you all the statuses that you can find on the AliExpress panel.

  • Pending payment. The payment of these orders has not been made, it may be due to a problem with the payment platform.
  • Pending shipment. Here, you will find all orders that have not been shipped to date.
  • Partially sent. Orders that have not been sent completely.
  • Waiting for confirmation from the buyer. In this status the order has already been sent, but it is waiting for confirmation from the buyer.
  • Order complete. Here you will find the completed orders and closed orders.
  • Locked. Orders that have been blocked due to problems with payment or customer.
  • Payment processing. Orders with this status are in the process of accepting payment.
  • The buyer has requested cancellation. In this case, it is the customer who has requested that the order be cancelled.
  • Completed. The order has been sent.
  • Order closed. The customer has confirmed receipt of the order.

estado de pedidos

Check orders on AliExpress

You should keep in mind that the shipment must be made within the indicated time period after the payment is accepted (4-7 days, depending on the configuration and transport agencies). The indicated status is “Pending Shipment” and appears with a countdown indicating the days remaining.

All orders pending shipping can be found in “all orders” – “pending shipping”. To view these easily, you can sort the shipments according to the delay, from highest to lowest and look at the countdown, indicated on the red clock.

revisión pedidos AliExpress

It is essential that all orders have tracking before the countdown of the order on AliExpress reaches 0, otherwise that order will not be charged. If occasionally for any technical reason or token expiration the tracking has not been loaded on AliExpress, it will need to be entered manually.

Control orders in Multi-Channel Integration Platform (MIP)

It is important to verify that all orders pass to the MIP correctly. This will ensure that the AliExpress token has not expired.

The MIP should be checked daily to verify that all orders are being imported and processed to avoid AliExpress penalties for delays.

To do this, you must compare the information that appears on the AliExpress platform, in the “orders” section with the information provided by the MIP. This ensures that all orders are entering the system correctly.

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