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Installation and use of the Shopify App: BigBuy – Dropshipping Carriers

Valid functions for products that are in the BigBuy database.

Minimum Shopify requirements for installation

Before you start, you should know the minimum requirements required by Shopify in order to install the BigBuy App. Your store must comply with the following points:

  • You pay for the Shopify plan yearly. (recommended)
  • The contracted store plan is either the Advanced or the Superior Plan.
  • It is a development store.

If you want to check whether you can use the BigBuy carriers you can do so through our application at: Setting → Shipping and delivery → Manage Integrations (+info)

If you meet the requirements, you need to contact Shopify and request that they make this option available to you in your online store as outlined in their documentation.

Get the full information on requirements in the following article: Requirements for gaining access to the Shopify Carrier Service

Install the BigBuy App‑ Dropshipping carriers

The BigBuy app for Shopify can be found here. Once you have entered the link, click Add app. If you are in the Shopify App Store, you can search for BigBuy to install the app.

Once the application is installed on your Shopify store, go to the Applications menu and open it.

What can I do with the BigBuy Shopify App?

With the installation of the BigBuy Shopify App: BigBuy – Dropshipping carriers will automatically have the shipping cost available for BigBuy products.

You can create other carriers or include free shipping if you wish, as this is fully compatible with automated carriers.

In the BigBuy App, you can set up the carriers you want, activate and deactivate them as you wish. The carriers you select will automatically sync with your Shopify store.

Carriers selected in the App will be displayed as follows in your Shopify store.

Your customer will be able to see all the available shipping options and will be able to choose between them (the same ones offered from BigBuy will be synchronised).

If products from the BigBuy database coexist in the store with others that are not available on BigBuy, the latter will not have a carrier available in the cart. In this case, a specific carrier should be created for these products.

If you need information on how to sync your Shopify store using the Multi-Channel Integration Platform click here.

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