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All you need to know about Adwords mobile campaigns | Adwords Guide VII

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Learn to use Adwords for mobiles. Discover the types of adverts and considerations needed to attract users who surf on their mobiles.

As we already know, the Google algorithm and the cookies used for browsing can detect the device that is being used to explore the web. Equally, Googly Adwords is aware of the different characteristics of each one of the devices and allows you to segment your campaigns and adverts accordingly, whether they be smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. Following this line, in this post we will bring some key ideas to take into account when approaching our Adwords campaigns for mobiles.

Advert position

The mobile device or tablet offers more variety as to when to show adverts. Just as happens on desktop computers, Adwords can show adverts that we create when we surf the internet, both in search results and across the network display.
Additionally, there is a difference to desktop computers: On mobile devices and tablets the Adwords system will also be able to show your adverts in mobile applications which are installed on the phones. This element brings a host of new possibilities and types of adverts that could not be displayed on a PC.

Types of mobile Adword adverts

Many of the adverts that we use on desktop computers can also be used on a mobile. We refer here to text, image and dynamic HTML5 adverts. However, there are various exclusive types for smartphones and tablets: For example, ad promotion apps and image or video ad apps, which can direct the user towards a website or the download page for the apps in Play Store. Another individual feature of mobile adverts is the opportunity to create “call only” adverts, where clicking starts a call directly from your mobile, without having to go to any web pages.

Push modifier for devices

As well as creating your own adverts for mobiles devices, Adwords also allows you to group together all of your ads and campaigns and, subsequently, establish a push modification according to the device used.
But, beware: Before carrying out this type of modification, it is important to have thoroughly revised analytics on your website. Tools like Google Analytics allow us to know from which device people access our site and, perhaps yet more important, from which device they convert the most. It is possible that users convert completely when they see your website from a desktop computer but that, when they click through from their smartphone, they don’t stick with it. If you find that the difference is great, it is important to check that everything is working correctly and that a technical error is not losing you conversions. Also it is possible that you see users converting more from their mobile device. If this were the case, it could be of interest to you to increase the Adwords push in order to sit higher in these people’s searches. To do this, you will have to turn to the campaign configuration and activate push modifications by device.

For example, if the maximum predetermined CPC for a particular key word is €1.00, we can play with this parameter to tell the system to increase it by 10%, 20% or whatever appropriate amount to show on the mobile. In this way, you can also reduce the push percentage required.

When you carry out an Adword mobile campaign, you should take into account the following considerations:

  • Check the performance of your website for mobile browsing: We have already mentioned this, but it is such an important point that it is worth repeating it. It is necessary to have an online shop that is completely optimised for mobile devices. The components must adapt correctly to different resolutions. The loading speed must be optimal and, in general, navigation must continue to be useful, easy and intuitive to use. It is useless to attract people using mobile traffic if the experience of your online shop is not going to be perfect.
  • Know your clients and products well: Each product and each service is more likely to be bought using a mobile phone than a tablet or desktop computer. You will have to know your clients very well and know which device they are using in order to adjust the pushes accordingly, based on the product that you want to promote. In this way, avoid falling into generalisations such as “If the user is young they will use a mobile, and if they are an adult, desktop computer”. Although they can orientate you, what this knowledge will really do for you is allow you to study and analyse your website and social network usage. Study which people visit, where from, and who converts the most.
  • Establish your types of advert according to your interests: Each business has its own characteristics. As such you will have to define some strategy or another. For example, if the buying process is complicated and your customer service is very good, perhaps you would be interested in using call only adverts. If you have a mobile app through which you can also buy your products, maybe you want to direct people to the app download page via your ad. You will need to create a strategy and employ tools and different types of advert that are best adapted to what you want to achieve.
  • Look to the future and don’t dismiss mobiles: When creating your campaign and strategies you also have to look to the future. And it’s true that, more and more often, mobiles are used just as much to buy, as to surf the web. In fact, the Data Society in Spain has classified the mobile as “the main device through which people use the internet, with 88.3% of users”, overtaking the desktop computer. Therefore, if you have still not directed your campaign and strategies towards mobile devices, it´s time to do so. Getting ahead of mobile growth use, can convert into an advantage against your competitors.

Configuring your mobile Adwords campaigns can bring so many extra clients. What’s more, it is a very simple process to complete and can work very well if you know enough about your clients. This type of campaign can perfectly compliment your global advertising strategy in search engines and help to acquire those potential clients who are more likely to do their shopping via their mobiles. If you want to remind yourself what Adwords is and how it can help your business, we recommend that you continue to read our posts.

All you need to know about Adwords mobile campaigns | Adwords Guide VII
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