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Setting up your Adwords account. Tips to remember | Adwords Guide II

Cómo configurar una cuenta de Adwords para ecommerce

Configuring AdWords is a job requiring planning and strategy. It can make the difference between the success or the failure of your campaigns.

Creating and configuring an AdWords campaign is a simple task. However, if you want your campaign to give you the best results, you will have to follow all the necessary steps until your ads are activated. Setting up the account and the campaign are the first steps, and in this post we will show you some guidelines that you will need to follow when launching your pay-per-click advertising.

Creating the account and billing profile

The first thing you have to do is create the account. To do this, sign up for Google AdWords using your email address and fill in the data relating to your business. You will also be asked to complete the billing profile for the account. You can make payments whichever way you prefer (in advance, by card etc). However, we recommend that you provide your account number so that Google can collect payment for your clicks directly. That way you won’t have to worry about anything else and can avoid possible campaign delays, in case you run out of funds or the card expires.

Account Planning

Before you start creating campaigns and advertisements, we recommend that you consider what type of account you will have. Google AdWords has three main levels of accounts that you should understand. Campaign, ad group and keywords. With this in mind, we recommend creating a campaign for each product family, and different ad groups for each subfamily within it and that within subfamilies you also include all the relevant keywords. For example:

(Account) Dropshipping Shop Example:

(Campaign) Perfumery

  • (ad group) Colognes for Men

  – (Keywords): Colognes for men, buy colognes for him, online cologne shop, Calvin Klein men’s cologne, cheap colognes for men…

  • (ad group) Perfumes for women

  – (Keywords): Perfumes for women, women’s perfume online shop, Carolina Herrera fragrances, buy perfumes for women.

  • (ad group) Unisex Perfumes

    – (keywords): buy unisex perfumes, unisex gift fragrances, online perfume shop, cheap unisex perfumes…

(Campaign) Cosmetics

  • (ad group) Blushers

  – (keywords): Buy Estee Lauder blushes, online blusher shop, buy cheap blushers…

  • (ad group) Mascara

  – (keywords): Online mascara shop, buy mascara online, Max Factor cheap mascara….

  • (ad group) Eye Shadow

  – (keywords): Buy Lancome eyeshadow, buy eyeshadow, online eye shadow store.

Setting up Campaigns

The next step in setting up AdWords is to move on to campaigns. Once your strategy is planned, campaigns will have to be created. And the first step is to select the type of campaign we want to create. In another post, we explain the various kinds of campaigns. For now, we recommend you choose “for search network only”. You will then have to choose the countries and languages you are interested in. If you want to promote “fitness” products in Spain and France, you will have to create two different campaigns.

Finally, you will have to define the budget for the campaign and your default bid (don’t worry, this can be changed at any time). To get an estimate, we recommend that you consult the AdWords keyword Planner, in the tools section.

Setting up ad groups

The first thing to do is to name the ad group. We then need to include the keywords that we want to attack with the ads that we will create later and that will be included within this group. As always, all of these data can be modified later. Between 10 and 20 key words would be a good number to begin with. Remember to use those that your customers would use to search for your products.

Once you have set up the ad group, you will need to create the content for each one. We recommend using more than one ad so as to be able to evaluate the performance of each one as well as what will be most effective in achieving the intended objectives. When we create the text of the advertisement we should follow three main recommendations:

  • Use the keywords you have defined within the ad text itself
  • Make use of calls to action like “Get informed!” or “Call us!”
  • Direct traffic to pages strictly related to what your potential customers are looking for.

Account Tracking

Once you have everything set up, you will have to keep track of the various campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Properly configuring AdWords is important. But it is of no use if the campaigns are abandoned to their fates and no data and conclusions are extracted that allow one to continue improving their performance. There are all kinds of metrics that will allow you to get all the information you need about your campaigns and how to improve the performance of each of them.

Setting up your Adwords account. Tips to remember | Adwords Guide II
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