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Shaka Phone Hands Free Gloves

Shaka Phone Hands Free Gloves

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Specifications of Shaka Phone Hands Free Gloves

Buy Shaka Phone Hands-Free Gloves at wholesale price, at BigBuy. An incredible hands-free device for your phone! At first sight it looks like a pair of regular winter gloves, but in reality it's a pair of convenient bluetooth gloves equipped with an earphone and a microphone that are integrated in the fingertips. This way, you can speak on the phone with a simple gesture. No need to take off your gloves so you can keep your hands protected against the cold. The best winter accessory for your phone

In addition, the Shaka Phone gloves protects against mobile phone radiation. The Shaka Phone hands-free glovesare compatible with all bluetooth phones and have been specially designed for users of touchscreen devices (100% compatible with smartphones: iPhone, Android, Windows, BB). Thanks to their advanced technology, the fingertips of the gloves are conductive and touchscreen-sensitive, so you can use them for any function of your mobile phone and you won't need to take them off. They don't scratch nor damage the phone screen.


  • A pair of black hands-free gloves
  • USB charging cable


  • Composition: 84% acrylic, 10% spandex, 6% conductive fibres, 2.1% polyester, 2.1% cotton, 1.8% other fibres 
  • Operating range: 10m
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Standby battery range: 30 hours
  • Battery talk time: 12 hours
  • Dry clean


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Reviews on Shaka Phone Hands Free Gloves

el mejor invento

mi colega tiene unos y con el rasca que hace por Zaragoza vienen de perlas, aunque espero que me los compren también en otros sitiosXD

guantes revolucionarios!

todo un descubrimiento!!! suelo probar todos los productos que compro para mi tienda, y estos guantes me han ido genial este invierno

Inovatie si stil!

Aceste manusi sunt atractia magazinului meu de gadgets. BigBuy are mereu idei inovatoare, mereu dinamici si profesonisti. Au devenit furnizorul nostru engros principal.


Originalu ir labai išradinga, tiek galėčiau pradžiai pasakyti apie šias pirštines. Tokio dalyko kaip laisvų ranku įranga pirštinėse, nė sapnuose nesapnavau atsirandant. Labai patogu žiemos metu kalbėti per pirštines, taip nesušala rankos, yra žymiai patogiau. Super!

До чего техника дошла!

В таких перчатках чувствую себя Джеймсом Бондом. На работе еще не привыкли и очень странно поглядывают каждый раз :)))

shaka hands free rukavice

Keď som ich prvý krát uvidela, povedala som si, že čo už len ľudia nevymyslia. Ale potom som ich náhodou dostala a povedala som si, že vyskúšam. No a celkom sa mi zapáčili. Nie je to úplná nevyhnutnosť, ale určite si na to zvyknete a v lete Vám ešte aj budú chýbať :)

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