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Many brands and suppliers with large amounts of stock have found that BigBuy is the ideal online partner

Thanks to its purchasing volume, BigBuy offers its retailers an expansive catalogue and competitive prices

The operating system for working with BigBuy is like that of a traditional wholesaler

BigBuy, buy products at wholesale prices
BigBuy sells to its retail customers
The retailers sell and invoice the end client



Retail customers

End customer

Suppliers send just one B2B order to BigBuy
BigBuy carries out the whole ecommerce logistic
Shipping agencies send products to the end customer

What do we offer our suppliers?

To be their online partner

Access to new online channels

New customers

Access to thousands of online retailers

Additional sales

Our model does not cannibalise your current sales channel

Cross-border sales

Visibility for your products and sales in Europe

Everything is with one client

The supplier centralises their processing and invoicing on BigBuy

A daily order

There is just one daily B2B order, with a multitude of lines

Controlled retail price

Pricing strategy agreed with the supplier

Secure payment

BigBuy collects payment from clients in advance

Advanced ecommerce logistics

Picking, packing, shipping, after-sales

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