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Get your business sales ready for Singles Day

Singles Day originated in the 1990s at the University of Nanjing in China as a way of celebrating being proud to be single. In this way, people who don’t have a partner and are unable to celebrate Valentine’s Day have their own day on which to buy gifts for themselves. They chose the date of …


How to sell on AliExpress

AliExpress is a large B2C marketplace which belongs to the Alibaba Group. Founded in 2010, it is an online store offering products to international buyers. With more than 150 million users, it is currently one of the most powerful selling platforms. In Spain, it is the second largest buying app, with more than 40 million …


How to start selling in your Shopify store

Once you have created your Shopify store its time to get it into shape and start selling. This is the time to capture and hold the attention of social network users. Although your online store is ready for customers to make their first purchases, it is very important to configure it so you can better …

BigBuy News

BigBuy, Best Marketplace Technology Award at the 2018 eAwards

Last September at the eAwards Madrid 2018, BigBuy won an award for the best marketplace technology for its Multi-Channel Integration Platform tool. This tool, the cornerstone of BigBuy in terms of synchronisation and integration, helps to automate and centralise the management of various types of software for both e-commerce and Marketplaces. What are eAwards? eAwards …