About us

We speed up online, cross-border and multi-channel sales of brands and retailers

Your ecommerce partner

Creating a successful cross-border strategy on an ecommerce is becoming increasingly more complicated. To sell online, you must have a presence in a plethora of marketplaces, in different countries and languages, and address the logistical complexities and continuous challenges that arise each day.

Here at BigBuy, we want to help you and be your ecommerce partner.

We offer technology, catalogue, fulfilment services and operations for ecommerce and marketplaces. A unique and global solution to simplify processes and grow your online sales.

Your ecommerce partner

Our mission

To offer an all-in-one solution that adds value to the global ecommerce ecosystem through operational innovation, technology and efficiency

Our vision

To facilitate online multi-channel sales and remove barriers in ecommerce

Our mission

Our values

A happy team

At BigBuy, we look after our colleagues. Because the team's well-being and happiness come first.


Innovation is the core of our strategy. We innovate in technology, logistics, operations and we constantly optimise our processes.


We evolve with the fast pace of ecommerce. We detect the latest trends and we take risks.

Passion for ecommerce

We are passionate about online, multi-channel and international selling. And we always do it with sustainability as a priority.


We seek excellence in everything we do. Because doing things by halves is just not good enough.

We are good people

We are modest, honest and friendly. With the team, but also with customers, suppliers and partners.

Our goal: To be the world’s happiest company

We have established a company culture based on motivation, which enhances engagement and hard work. A happy, content and motivated team will convey the same energy to our customers, suppliers and partners.

The people that make up BigBuy are committed and willing to share all their know-how with their colleagues. They are part of a motivated team that treats the BigBuy project as if it was their own, and they see how their daily work impacts the success of the company.

Our goal: To be the world’s happiest company

Our founders

Salvador Esteve and Victor P. Amarnani met at the end of 2009 and the spark soon ignited that led them to become partners and set up their first business in the ecommerce sector. Nowadays, after more than a decade working together, they have a good relationship which is based on mutual respect.

These two entrepreneurs have been brave enough to face risks and overcome obstacles. Moreover, they have been able to surround themselves with talented people, who accompany them in this adventure.

Our founders

BigBuy, a success story

From its beginnings as a B2C ecommerce, BigBuy has evolved year after year to become a leading technological company in European ecommerce. It has been able to do this thanks to the founders’ ability to anticipate the future, knowing how to pivot to adapt to the rapid development of this sector.

In recent years, the two entrepreneurs behind BigBuy have organically and consistently multiplied the revenue and volume of operations. In addition, they have reinvested every euro earned, guaranteeing profitability and always growing with their own resources (bootstrapping).

Today, BigBuy is a unique company which offers technology, logistics and operations services for ecommerce. A comprehensive partner that is capable of providing solutions to a changing and complex market.

BigBuy, a success story