Your refurbished products wholesaler

Stand out from the crowd by selling refurbished products that have been checked and come with a guarantee

What are refurbished products?

Refurbished products are items that, for whatever reason, have been returned to the seller, but are in very good condition for reselling.

At BigBuy, we are a wholesaler of refurbished products: we check them thoroughly and offer them for resale with a significant discount on the original price.

We offer you hundreds of products, from all category types, and with items from the top brands. Buy them wholesale and store them, or sell them through dropshipping.

Position yourself as a sustainable business

Give these products a second life and reduce waste

Why sell refurbished products?

High profit margin

These products leave a very good profit margin as they are low in cost and are in perfect condition.

Unbeatable price

These items sell at discounts of up to 90% of their original value.


All these products have the brand’s official guarantee and are in perfect working order.

Hundreds of new items daily

Each day, we add new products to our wholesale catalogue.

Where can you sell these products?

Where can you sell these products?

On sales platforms between private individuals

They are perfect for selling on sales pages between individuals, such as Vinted, Vibbo or Wallapop.

On sites for refurbished products

You can sell our refurbished products on websites such as Fnac, Backmarket or CertiDeal.

On marketplaces

Many marketplaces have types of refurbished products.

In your own ecommerce

You can create an ecommerce dedicated to these products, or add them to the one you already have. Here at BigBuy, we can deliver you a Dropshipping 360º Store synchronised with our catalogue of refurbished products.

Take advantage of our ecommerce and marketplace integration

Take advantage of our ecommerce and marketplace integration

Expand your online sales with our synchronisation of refurbished product grades

Mapping refurbished product grades for marketplaces

Mapping all the refurbishment grades to each marketplace is slow and complex. We've done it for you!

Stock updated in real time

If you sell a product on a platform, our technology takes care of disconnecting the stock from the other sales channels. To prevent duplicated sales or cancellations.

Centralised multi-channel management

Centralise all the sales management in your ecommerce or marketplaces on one platform. View stock, orders, shipping....All in real time.

Synchronisation with +200 marketplaces

Search for sales opportunities in new, less competitive marketplaces.