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Centralise the management of your ecommerce and the rest of your digital channels on one single platform

BigBuy has developed a platform for its customers, with the aim of offering a global solution which automates, on the one hand, all synchronisation needs with BigBuy and, on the other, all the multichannel integrations for your ecommerce.

Multi-channel connectors

This platform allows you to configure and manage your ecommerce automatically, in addition to the rest of your digital channels.



  • Prestashop 1.7
  • Coming soon: WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc.


  • Global synchronisation of catalogue, stock, orders, transport companies, delivery price and tracking
  • Synchronisation of images, videos, categories, brands, tags, images of categories, etc.



  • Google Shopping
  • Coming soon: More shopping search engines, Facebook, Ads, Affiliation, etc.


  • Automatic synchronisation of the catalogue (new or discontinued items and modifications) at Google Shopping
  • Automatic de-publication of out of stock products on Google Shopping
  • Mapping of links from Google Shopping to your Prestashop store 1.7
  • Rules of pricing, rounding up/down, margins and profit

EMARKETPLACES (Only available for 360º dropshipping shop)


  • Amazon
  • Coming soon: Ebay, Cdiscount, Fnac, Rakuten, etc.


  • Global synchronisation of catalogue, stock, orders, transport companies, delivery price and tracking
  • Automatic association of products with the categories in each emarketplace
  • Automatic calculation of commissions on the emarketplace
  • Rules of pricing, rounding up/down, margins and profit

Catalogue management

With just a few clicks, you can manage and publish the complete BigBuy catalogue from the platform on the different channels. Save time and avoid working with CSVs manually.

  • Catalogue in 24 languages, you can choose up to 6
  • Personalised selection of categories and products

Pricing rules

The only tool on the market that allows you to define your margins strategy and monitor your business's profits.

  • Customisation of margins and profits
  • Automatic price updating
  • Customised strategy for each channel

Real-time stock

Totally automated tool, synchronised to BigBuy. Avoid the tedious task of programming synchronisation.

  • Stock synchronisation in real-time
  • New items, discontinued items and modifications, all automated

Order management

Centralise, manage and synchronise all orders from one single platform.

  • Multichannel centralisation of orders
  • Margin and profit control
  • Automatically synchronised with BigBuy
  • Status tracking

Shipping and carriers

The only platform offering a global solution for all logistics management.

  • Integrated with transport companies (UPS, TNT, DHL, GLS, DPD, etc.)
  • Automatic shipping cost calculation
  • Integrated with delivery tracking (Tracking ID) within your ecommerce or emarketplace

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