Allows you to automatically configure and manage your ecommerce, marketplaces and other digital channels.

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Better Marketplace Technology

Centralise the management of your ecommerce, marketplaces and other digital channels on one platform

BigBuy has developed a platform for its customers, with the aim of offering a global solution which automates, on the one hand, all synchronisation needs with BigBuy and, on the other, all the multichannel integrations for your ecommerce.

MARKETPLACES (Only available for 360º dropshipping shop)


Available connectors:

Coming soon



Available connectors:

Coming soon

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- BigBuy connector to sell on AliExpress

- For BigBuy clients of

- Free with all packs, with no monthly payments

- 5-8% sales commission on AliExpress

- Sales in Europe

BigBuy is an AliExpress partner Gold, make the most of this business opportunity

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Main characteristics of the Multi-Channel Integration Platform:

Catalogue management

In just a few clicks, you can manage and publish the whole BigBuy catalogue from the platform. Save time and avoid working manually with CSV.

  • Catalogue in 24 languages.
  • Personalised selection of categories and products.
  • Automatic category mapping with the marketplaces.
  • 72,981 references and 2,542 brands available. Go to B2B Shop.

Pricing rules

You can define your margin strategy and automatically control benefits on each channel.

  • Personalise margins and benefits by price range, category or individual product.
  • Automatically update prices.
  • Personalised strategy by channel.
  • Automatic rounding.

Real time synchronisation

Completely automatic tools which are synchronised with BigBuy.

  • Stock synchronisation in real-time.
  • Price, images, description and any changes on the product file are updated in real time on all configured channels.
  • Automatic entries, removals, and modifications.

Order management

Centralised management of all orders from just one platform. Automatic synchronisation of orders without the need for your input!

  • Multi-channel centralisation of orders.
  • Automatic synchronisation with BigBuy.
  • Control of margins and benefits.
  • Status and tracking follow-up.

Shipping and carriers

The only platform offering a global solution for all logistics management.

  • Integrates with a multitude of shippers.
  • Automatic calculation of shipping costs.
  • Synchronisation of shipping follow-up (Tracking ID) in your ecommerce. or marketplace.

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