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BigBuy offers different payment methods, all of which are totally secure. Let’s explain what each one involves.


This is the most secure internet payment platform. It allows you to link payments to your credit or debit card, or even to your bank account. It has a cost of 1% (+ 0.30 € per transaction). +info

Bank Card

We accept most credit cards or debit cards through PayPal in guest mode (there is no need to create an account on Paypal or register). It has a cost of 1% (+ 0.30 € per transaction).

Bank wire transfer

This payment method delays the delivery until the payment is confirmed by our bank. You have 24 hours in which to confirm it by attaching proof of the transfer in your control panel. You will then receive an e-mail message explaining the steps you need to take in order to finalise the order.

Money Box

You can top up by bank transfer and use the balance to place new orders. It has a history of movements in your control panel and the possibility of transferring the balance (minimum 300 €) to your bank account or to PayPal. Very convenient and with no additional expenditure.

Dropshipping reimbursement

In dropshipping deliveries the carrier will charge the total amount of your sales order. In approx. 10 days this reimbursement will be added to your money box. This service is available in peninsular Spain, the Balearic Islands and Portugal. It has a cost of 2% (minimum 0.90 €).

COD (cash on delivery)

The total amount of the order is paid to the courier. This method of payment is only available in peninsular Spain, the Balearic Islands and Portugal. It has a cost of 1% (Minimum 0.85 €).

Frequently asked questions

Does BigBuy allow to sell with the dropshipping method using the cash on delivery form of payment?

Yes. This option is called COD Dropshipping and for the time being, it is only available to customers with an active Enterprise or Dropship Wholesale Pack whose deliveries are made in mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands or Portugal. The commission is very low, 2%, with a minimum of 0.9 €. This cost is included in each order and invoice.

Is it secure for the seller to do dropshipping with COD dropshipping as form of payment?

Yes, it is very secure. Our statistics show that 98% of COD deliveries actually take place, so it is worth paying some insignificant shipping costs in the case that the order cannot be delivered.

How are COD dropshipping orders processed?

1. Add the items and the amount you have sold to your customer to the cart.

2. In the second step you will be asked for the shipping address. Enter your customer's data here.

3. In the next step, you can select the option dropshipping Shipping: Check "Yes". Then you will be asked: Do you want us to collect payment upon delivery? Select "Yes" again and enter the amount in cash that the courier will charge the customer upon delivery.

4. Finally, finalize and pay for the order.

5-10 days after the delivery, the refund will be automatically processed into your wallet so that you can use it in future purchases or transfer it to your account.

An example: you sell your customer an order for a total amount of 30€ and make the purchase order to BigBuy for 20€ (approximately equivalent to its cost). We will deliver the order to your customer and we will charge a payment of 30€, which we will refund into your wallet as soon as we receive notification from the courier.

What forms of payment are valid for dropshipping?

For dropshipping orders we only accept automatic forms of payment such as money box, PayPal and card. This way we ensure that the delivery will take place in the shortest time possible.

What is the money box?

Your money box is an account that can be loaded by bank wire transfer or, for example, by COD dropshipping refunds. Buying using the money box form of payment does not have additional costs.

How can I load my money box?

Option 1: through a transfer to our bank account. We show you how to do it on the Wallet tab of your control panel.

Option 2: when shipping, dropshipping orders with cash on delivery as a form of payment, this is a dropshipping refund. The amount of the refund is automatically paid into your wallet.

Minimum amount to transfer money from your money box

The minimum amount to transfer money from the money box to your bank or PayPal account is €300. We do not accept smaller amounts in order to minimise administrative and accounting processes for both sides.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the fastest and most secure online form of payment. You can use PayPal to pay for your purchases with your debit/credit card or bank account easily and with confidence.

Why use PayPal?

• PayPal is secure: PayPal stores your financial information protecting it with the most advanced security and fraud prevention systems. PayPal never shares your financial information with BigBuy or any other seller.

• PayPal is fast and easy: Once you have created your account, you do not need to enter your card or bank account details to pay. You will only need your email address and a password.

• PayPal is flexible: Debit card, credit card or bank account - You choose how to pay.