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Synchronizes with BigBuy through our API, for developers and programmers only.

Api catalogue

Synchronizes our catalogue in your system in real time.

  • Stocks in real time
  • Product descriptions and names in 24 languages
  • Category tree complete in 24 languages
  • Consults price changes in real time
  • All our images of the product available
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Orders API

Communicates orders immediately from your management platform.

  • Create orders instantly or multiple group orders on the desired date
  • Consult changes to the state or the order at any time
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Api shipping costs

Incorporate our shipping costs into your system for any of our products

  • Shipping costs updated in real time
  • Consult delivery time for any combination of BigBuy products
  • Obtain all of our transport agencies
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Api delivery tracking

Keep our orders located on your management platform.

  • Instant tracking from the agency to your system
  • Delivery information updated on all your orders
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