Synchronised with BigBuy

You sell and BigBuy does the rest

Work from home
No need to be a programmer
No need to invest in stock
High profitability

Your turnkey business!

We offer you an online shop selling unusual gifts


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€50 in credit

What is included in the dropshipping shop?

PrestaShop 1.6 software

Installation and configuration of a PrestaShop e-commerce on your hosting


Adaptation of one of our designs with your logo and customised content

Domain and hosting

In order for it to be 100% your property and in your name, we provide guidance on where and how to register your domain and hosting

Synchronisation with BigBuy

Installation of synchronisation scripts with Cron scheduled tasks connected to our MySQL databases

Shipping methods

Installation of a shipping module with all the prices and carriers for any country of Europe

Forms of payment

Configuration of different payment methods: cash on delivery, card, bank transfer and PayPal

Technical support

If you experience any issue with the synchronisation, you can contact our Support Department


A wealth of technical documents for starting and configuring your Prestashop e-commerce synchronised with BigBuy

Online marketing

In BigBuy's downloads section you can find banners, newsletters, etc. in different languages

Compatible with other stocks

E-commerce programmed to coexist with items from other suppliers

Multilingual website

Synchronisation available in 24 European languages. Translations by native professionals

SEO positioning

Websites adapted with SEO-friendly URLs that make it easier for you to climb positions in search engine results.

Order synchronisation

Transmit your orders to BigBuy without having to do it manually (available with the Premium Pack)

Selling in marketplaces

In parallel with PrestaShop, you can sell on eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, etc.


Having one of BigBuy's Pro, Business or Premium wholesale packs active

How does a dropshipping shop work?

Frequently asked questions

Why do we recommend that you choose BigBuy?

BigBuy is an internationally established company and the European market leader in unusual gifts. Our business focuses on importing and selling thousands of products. We are experts in B2B solutions and both online and offline wholesale. We take advantage of our turnover to buy large quantities of products directly from manufacturers, avoiding any intermediary costs. This way we can offer our distributors very competitive prices and exciting profit margins.

BigBuy is a wholesaler and has the stock. We are not intermediaries

•Thousands of items in stock and lots of new products every week

•Over 20,000 m2 of facilities with automated warehouses

•The entire logistic process is controlled by BigBuy

•Drop shipping to all of Europe at very competitive prices

•Cash-on-delivery drop shipping (available in Spain)

•Our own IT and Programming Department

•Our own Graphic Design Department with photography studio

•Our own Translation Department with native translators and multilingual content

•Customer service in more than 8 European languages

Why is it better to deal directly with the wholesaler rather than with intermediaries?

If you have a close look at intermediaries who rent e-commerce software but do not have the stock, you will notice that they always end up referring to a wholesaler. What these companies do is simply sell or rent websites, unlike wholesalers with stock, whose goal in offering a dropshipping shop service is to sell products and help their distributors to sell them.

How are dropshipping shops synchronised with BigBuy?

The most valuable part of the dropshipping shop service is precisely the synchronisation we offer. It is the result of the hard work of our Programming Department over many years and consists of the installation of scripts on the PrestaShop shop in order to synchronise it with BigBuy. These scripts synchronise our MySQL databases with scheduled cron tasks and guarantee greater efficiency than traditional synchronisation via CSVs downloaded from an FTP address.

When a new item is created at BigBuy, it is automatically exported to the synchronised dropshipping shop within an hour, including all the information of the product, such as title, description, category, up to 8 images, video, cost price, recommended retail price, VAT rate, EAN code, stock, etc. Once the item has been created, the scripts perform multiple checks with our database servers on a daily basis, automatically updating stocks, cost prices and the removal of discontinued products. The distributor can decide whether the rest of the information will be updated automatically or not, as some customers may want to change the RRP (recommended retail prices), descriptions, images, etc. according to their own sales strategy.

Can I add more products from my own business or from other suppliers to the dropshipping shop?

Product updates are carried out using the BigBuy product reference number, which allows your website to include other products of your own or from other suppliers too. Nevertheless, you will need to bear in mind the shipping costs, as a problem may arise if you receive a multi-supplier order and have only charged your customer one shipping cost.

What profit margin can I expect? What will be my cost price?

The distributor buys items from BigBuy at whoesale DP (even for individual units) and the profit margin is the difference between this price and BigBuy's RRP (recommended retail price). Profit margins usually fluctuate between 35% and 70%, except in the case of certain families or items of a high unit value. In these cases, they will be lower, although the real profit margin will depend on the retail price policy you decide to apply.

Can I sell at any price I want?

Yes, BigBuy tries to give you some guidance with the RRP (recommended retail price), but in your sales strategy you are free to apply the margins of your choice.

Who charges the customer? Who issues the invoice? How do I process the orders?

The shop will be 100% yours, and any customer buying in it will be buying from you. Therefore, it is you who will receive the money for the orders and who will have to issue the invoice to your customer. PrestaShop has the option to issue invoices.

When you receive an order through your dropshipping shop and have charged for it, you must go to www.bigbuy.eu (your supplier), add the sold products to the cart, finalise the order and pay for it (retaining the difference, which will be your profit margin). When BigBuy receives the order it will be processed and delivered in your name and with your corporate image, this business model is what is known as Drop shipping

What payment methods should I activate in the shop? Is it necessary to include a virtual POS?

By default, we will install the following payment methods:

Cash on delivery: 25% of consumers trust in this form of payment, which is only available for shipments to Spain.

PayPal: 30% of consumers trust PayPal. It is true that PayPal charges high commissions at the beginning, but they become smaller as your turnover grows. This form of payment is quite secure both for the customer and the seller. BigBuy pre-installs this form of payment and you simply have to enter your email and password.

Card by PayPal: 40% of consumers use their credit/debit card to shop online. BigBuy pre-installs the PayPal gateway in guest mode for the customer to simply indicate the card details without needing to open an account with PayPal. This option is an excellent way to quickly start an e-commerce that accepts cards as form of payment.

Virtual POS from your bank, for card payments: Since there are many different banks throughout Europe, if you decide to install a virtual POS, you will have to use your bank's technical support.

Bank transfer: Barely 5% of consumers select this form of payment as it is slow and slows down the shipping process. Of course, this form of payment is pre-installed.

What should I do in the case of an issue with an order?

Click this link to see all the possible cases and the protocol to follow:

How can I improve my SEO positioning?

The shop is handed over with SEO-friendly URLs and several other adaptations to promote your SEO positioning. Additionally, there are plenty of tasks you can perform inside and outside of the website to help you be among search engines' top results, particularly with your online marketing strategy's keywords. With the shop, we also give you a manual with tricks and steps to follow to improve your SEO positioning.

Can I remove categories or items I do not want to appear in my shop?

Yes, you can disable an entire category or an individual item and they will not appear in your shop. This way you can have a themed shop with the products of your choice. You can also create a new category/subcategory and add the items you want, even from other suppliers.

How does the Premium Pack's exclusive order synchronisation work?

From your PrestaShop control panel, you can see and check all the orders received and you can transfer them automatically to BigBuy with a simple click. This way, you avoid having to place the orders manually at BigBuy by copying and pasting all the customer's data. This saves you time when managing your shop.

In how many languages is the dropshipping shop available?

We offer synchronisation in 24 European languages with translations by professional native translators. With the Pro Pack you can select 1 language, with Business or Premium you can choose from 24 languages.

Downloads and support for online graphic marketing and banners for newsletters, websites or catalogues

All customers with an activated Pro, Business or Premium Pack, have a downloads area on their BigBuy control panel with graphic material such as banners, images and logos, which they can use on their website, catalogue or newsletters. BigBuy provides new materials on a weekly basis.

What will be the domain of the dropshipping shop?

You choose the domain. In fact, we will show you how and where you need to register the domain with your personal details in order for it to be 100% yours. Even if you intend to operate in your country, we advise you to think of global names that are understandable in several languages, as this will help you to expand to other markets in the future.

If you already have a registered domain, so that you do not have to transfer it, you can re-point the DNS to the new shop host through your registrar. BigBuy can help you with this.

Where will the dropshipping shop be hosted?

To guarantee an optimum online sales experience, a necessary requirement is that you contract one of the following hostings (servers):

Dropshipping shop hostings

Soyoustart Profesional Hosting
Server characteristics
Nombre del servicio. soyoustart E3-SSD-X Profesional Hosting VPS prestashop
Tutorial +info +info
SSD hard drive ➔ 10 times faster than a normal HHD hard drive

(desde 120GB)

(debe contratar al menos 60GB)

Managed server You will be able to have your own VPS server without having to worry about anything. For the configuration of the server, installation of applications and problem solving, the chosen hosting provider’s technical support service is at your disposal.
Tipo de servidor Dedicado Compartido
Prices Varía en función de la opción escogida (Desde €30.00 + IVA) (aprox.) €15.92 (servidor) + €12.00 (Disco Duro) = €27.92 + IVA (aprox.)

We do not allow installation on non-recommended servers due to the technical dificulties that arise with having thousands of items in different languages.

Dropshipping shop hostings



Server characteristics

SSD hard drive ➔ 10 times faster than a normal HHD hard drive

Managed server

You will be able to have your own VPS server without having to worry about anything. For the configuration of the server, installation of applications and problem solving, the chosen hosting provider’s technical support service is at your disposal.


Cron tasks, ssh, cURL, 512Mb of PHP memory and 3600 second execution time, GZIP.


From €11.99/month +VAT

Profesional Hosting VPS


Server characteristics

SSD hard drive ➔ 10 times faster than a normal HHD hard drive

Managed server

You will be able to have your own VPS server without having to worry about anything. For the configuration of the server, installation of applications and problem solving, the chosen hosting provider’s technical support service is at your disposal.


Cron tasks, ssh, cURL, 512Mb of PHP memory and 3600 second execution time, GZIP.


From €15.90/month +VAT

Want to see a demo of a dropshipping shop synchronised with BigBuy?

Above are numerous different designs that you can choose from. Click on 'See Demo' and then select the colour that you like the most.

I want to buy a dropshipping shop. How do I go about it?
  • Choose the design you like the most and click on buy. Confirm the order as if it were a regular item and pay for it.
  • Once you have bought the shop, visit the wholesale pack section and activate the pack that best suits your business:

    • Pro Pack: synchronisation in 1 language
    • Business Pack: synchronisation in 24 European languages
    • Premium Pack: synchronisation in 24 languages + automatic order synchronisation
Once I have purchased the shop, what support will I get from BigBuy?

You will receive BigBuy's full support, including:

• Detailed manual on how to start the shop

• Technical support by highly qualified professionals

• Website prepared for SEO positioning

• Online marketing downloads area at BigBuy: banners, newsletters, etc.

• Daily information on new and updated products by email

• Regular free updates of synchronisation scripts

• Suggestions of new functions and modules for your e-commerce

What is the delivery time if I buy a dropshipping shop?

About 4 to 5 days after sending all the required information.

What happens if I want to change the design after a few months?

The price of changing to a different design is €40 and your shop will go back to the initial configuration. If you have installed additional modules and want to keep them in the new design, you will require a feasibility study by our technical department.

What is the minimum contract term?

The shop does not have a minimum contract term, since it will become 100% yours once you have purchased it. The only requirement for synchronisation to work is to have an active wholesale Pro, Business or Premium Pack.

What will happen with the online shop if I decide to leave BigBuy later on?

Nothing. In fact, the shop will be 100% yours and it will be hosted on a server registered by you, so you can use it with other products and suppliers if you decide to stop working with BigBuy.