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Total synchronisation with BigBuy

Catalogue in 24 languages, you can choose up to 6

Stock and prices



Shipping prices


50% discount on a 2nd 360º Dropshipping Shop

For clients whose strategy is to have several specialised shops with different specific catalogues, we have a special multi-shop offer.

Choose the theme of the shop

An online business that suits you: Choose a specialized Dropshipping Shop or one in which to sell the complete BigBuy catalog




Create your own Dropshipping Shop of Perfumery and Cosmetics products with the best-selling brands on the market!

Mark the difference with a careful and exclusive catalogue that includes Perfumes for men, women, cosmetics and even the latest novelties of accessories. ¡All top brands at competitive prices!

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Home Electronics

Acquire a highly in-demand dropshipping ecommerce, in which Computer and Electronics join together.

The latest products in laptops, computers, mobile phones ..., as well as toys and appliances. The most complete Dropshipping Store to sell online.

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The most erotic Dropshipping Shop on the market with a wide catalogue of products from the best brands!

Meet the needs of customers looking for quality, sexy and innovative items, and offer them a secure, intuitive and discreet dropshipping ecommerce.

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Watches and accessories

Are you looking for a stylish and fashionable Dropshipping Shop? The online shop of Watches and Accessories is what you need!

The most innovative products in men's watches, women's or sports watches. Offer variety and quality of top brands in a project designed to succeed!

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Bet on an ecommerce with a great future! The culinary sector is gaining more and more followers and to cook you need the most complete kitchenware, quality equipment, the best appliances …

It is now possible to offer all that from your Dropshipping Shop 360º! Reach thousands of customers with your own online business.

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Costumes are no longer exclusive to a period of year. And with a Dropshipping 360º Costume Shop you can reach your customers at any time.

you cannot have more variety! Your own online business with all kinds of costumes and all the power of BigBuy, the first European dropshipping wholesaler.

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We created your Dropshipping online store to only be in charge of selling the most demanded products, from laptops to mobiles. HP, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Epson ... The best brands in an ecommerce specialized in computing, electronics and telephony.

If you are passionate about this sector and want to be your own boss, take advantage of this opportunity!

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We have collected in a single e-commerce dropshipping the heroes of the whole family! The most in-demand items of Star Wars, Frozen, Cars, Lady Bug, Peppa Pig ... and, of course, Superman, Spiderman or Batman!

Bet on a Dropshipping Shop where you can offer from decoration or innovative toys, to clothing and accessories for children!

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Full Catalogue

The entire BigBuy catalog, at your disposal! With this Dropshipping Shop, you can respond to the needs of any client.

Launch your own online business and sell the thousands of items from BigBuy's extensive catalogue!

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€50 GIFT

Buy your first 360º Dropshipping Shop now and have €50 added to your moneybox balance.

Offer only valid until the end of the month!

What is included in the Dropshipping Shop Package?

Synchronised Dropshipping Shop

Prestashop 1.7

We install and configure a Prestashop ecommerce version 1.7 in your hosting.

Integrated synchronisation

Catalogue (high, low), stock, orders, carriers, shipping prices and tracking.

Stores themed according to catalogue

In our experience, themed stores are more efficient, since they convert and position better. You can buy one or several 360º dropshipping shops and choose whether you want them to be multi-catalogue or themed according to a catalogue.

Menu for themed stores

Your store has a module developed by BigBuy that will add an additional menu to your ecommerce. This menu is very useful if you have various themed stores and you want to create links between them.

Design templates

A multitude of designs to choose from, with different skins and customer ability to change colour shades.

Responsive design

All our stores adapt perfectly to the size of any device.

Multilingual website

Catalogue in 24 languages, you can choose up to 6. Translations carried out by native professionals in each language.

Own domain and hosting

In order for it to be 100% owned by you and in your name, we will show you where and how to register the domain and hosting.

SSL throughout your Prestashop store

We install an SSL certificate through your Prestashop store domain.

Various payments methods

PayPal, card and bank transfer.

Country taxes and fees

We set up the store with your country's invoicing rates.


Possibility of installing a multi-currency module, with the euro as default.

Social Networks

Integration of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in the product card

Coupon codes

Your store will allow you to create and use custom coupon codes for promotional campaigns.

Logo design

Proposal for a personalised design logo for your Dropshipping 360º Store.

Navigation by brands and tags

Brand and tag navigation structure improved and SEO-optimised.

Banner by category

Images specific to each category, to make navigation more attractive.

Multi-Channel Integration Platform

Price rules and profit margins

You'll be able to customise your margin and profits strategy by channel and update prices automatically.

Rounding rules

This functionality will allow you to round up/down the sales prices.

Category selection

You can easily choose which product categories to sell in your store.

Publication on shopping search engines

Automation tool with Google Shopping, with automatic unpublishing of products out of stock. Coming soon: Ciao, Kelkoo, Facebook, etc.

Order management

This tool centralises your orders from different channels and allows you to track their status.

Carrier and shipping prices integration

Your store will be integrated with major carriers (UPS, TNT / Fedex, DHL, etc.) and will automatically calculate shipping costs.

Shipping tracking integration in your Prestashop

Customers who have placed an order in your store can track the shipment from a panel with the store itself.

Integration with emarketplaces

Integration with Amazon

Total synchronisation of catalogue, stocks, orders, carriers, shipping prices and tracking.

Coming soon

Ebay, Cdiscount, Rakuten, Fnac, etc..


Corporate blog

Your store will include a blog with Wordpress technology to help position your website at SEO level and achieve relevance.

Creation and design of newsletters and banners

Tools for newsletter generation

Your store will include a tool with which to create promotional newsletters with links to your Prestashop’s product cards.

Banner download and customising

We offer banners with different designs to use in your newsletters and in the design of your ecommerce. It will come with a tool for easy customisation.

Mailchimp integration

Our tool is integrated with Mailchimp, so that you can send from this platform.

Support resources

BigBuy Academy

Access to a training wiki page on technical aspects and tutorials on our 360º Dropshipping Shop.

BigBuy Blog

Access to dozens of articles on marketing, ecommerce and dropshipping, written by professionals from the sector and with up-to-date information.

Business monitoring

A Customer Success Manager to contact via chat or ticket will help you along the way, ready to solve any doubt about your store.

Photos and banners download

You can access hundreds of banners and photographs to implement them into your dropshipping shop, newsletters and communications on social networks.

360° Dropshipping Shop


Shop developed by the customer

The 360º Dropshipping Shop is totally optimised for conversion and has many exclusive advantages over a standard setup.

What exclusive advantages are included in the 360º Dropshipping Shop as compared to a shop developed by the customer?

Direct accesses

Header redesigned to include links to relevant sections, such as the latest news, Best Sellers, the Blog or any predetermined category.

Advanced menu

Upper menu with images of subcategories and with a similar style to BigBuy’s B2B Shop.

Access to categories

Access to multiple categories and subcategories, strategically selected by BigBuy, from different sections of the shop.

Visibility of elements that instil confidence

We include elements that instil confidence in different visible places in your shop: 24/48hr dispatch, delivery tracking, 100% secure payments and 2 years’ guarantee. Your customers will see them on the home page, the product file and in their shopping cart.

Automated best sellers

Given that standard PrestaShops do not include a sales history, BigBuy pre-synchronises your Best Sellers and shows them in the main sections of your shop.

Module for the creation of newsletters

When someone subscribes to the newsletter, their email is automatically registered on a contact list with Mailchimp. The module for developing newsletters allows you to easily design an email template with products, which can be sent to subscribers.

Different designs

Each shop includes different coloured skins, which can be changed according to preference. Similarly, we continually add themed skins, for periods such as Christmas, summer or Valentine’s Day.

Browsing by category and subcategory with images

All of your ecommerce’s categories and subcategories include images which help to make navigation more intuitive and visual.

Optimisation of product files to maximise conversions

We have redesigned the product file, adding new features to maximise sales.

Browsing by brand

The 360º Dropshipping Shop includes a page where the customer can visualise all the brands available in the shop, and navigate through them very easily.

Optimisation of the shopping cart to boost conversions

As with the product files, the check-out has also been optimised in order to increase sales growth.

Soon, 360º Dropshipping Shop customers will be able to access:

·Filtered by attributes:

A customer will be able to filter by multiple options. For example, if they are looking at televisions, they will be able to filter by whether they are 4K or not.

·Explanation of features:

In each product subcategory, you will be able to add explanations about the advantages of each feature.

·Product suggestions:

Your shop will show similar products, substitutes and accessories, in order to maximise crossover sales.

How does dropshipping work?

Your customer buys in your ecommerce or emarketplace
You process the order, separate your profit and buy at wholesale price from BigBuy

Your customer

Your 360° Dropshipping Shop


The order is delivered to your client, with your name and company image as the sender
BigBuy prepares your order and manages the delivery

Start your digital business in just 2-5 days

Save time and focus your efforts on generating sales

Without investing in stock or storage

You don’t need to be a programmer

Your office at home

Profitable business

Who would be interested in our 360º dropshipping shop?

“It is aimed at business owners and professionals from the ecommerce and digital marketing sector.
They are customers who value being able to access, in just a few days, a comprehensive turnkey solution with a multitude of tools and extensive functionality.”


CEO of BigBuy