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About us

B2B Wholesaler Dropshipping

BigBuy is a B2B wholesale platform which specialises in supplying a multitude of products to online retailers throughout Europe

We specialise in Dropshipping and in the wholesale of large quantities. BigBuy's competitive advantage is its value-added services, its advanced logistics and its powerful technology.

Thanks to BigBuy purchasing volume, we offer our retailers a wide range of leading brands and many categories at a very competitive price, even in single units.

Our retailers are experts in ecommerce and online marketing, in addition to managing marketplaces and social networks. BigBuy is also the ideal wholesaler to supply thousands of products to rewards catalogues and loyalty platforms.

Many suppliers with large amount of stock and big brands have found BigBuy to be the ideal online partner, allowing them to access new sales channels throughout Europe through our retailers, which require very specific demands and solutions.

Therefore, Bigbuy is recognised as one of the most important B2B Dropshipping wholesalers, which also operates with fast deliveries and European stock.


The evolution of BigBuy

  • BigBuy launch

    Positioning as a wholesaler of original gifts. BigBuy starts offering wholesale B2B sales, dropshipping service and the first dropshipping stores in Prestashop.

  • BigBuy Internationalisation

    Motivation to cover all of Europe: a multilingual business strategy and the translation of BigBuy content into 24 languages is initiated.

  • Technological transformation

    Improvements in technology with the migration to a custom development. Greater scalability and integration of the new website into its management program (ERP).

  • New 20,000 m2 facilities and first awards

    Relocation to new facilities. Implementation of warehouse management software (SGA-WMS). Winners of the PayPal award for the most innovative ecommerce.

  • API for synchronisation with clients

    Offers API for developers (catalogues, carriers, orders and trackings). International couriers were integrated this year (UPS, DHL, TNT / Feddex, GLS, DPD, etc.)

  • Catalogue expanded to 30,000 products

    Increase in the range of products with more categories and redesign of the web.

  • Launch of the MIP (Multi-Channel Integration Platform)

    The MIP centralises the management of ecommerce sites and marketplaces in a single platform. Winners of the prize for the best technology for marketplaces.

  • New connectors in the MIP and increase to more than 80,000 products

    Revolution regarding the supply of connectors in the MIP. Extended range of categories. Positioning as a wholesaler for large ecommerce and online players.


Motivation and commitment

BigBuy was born from the dream of two entrepreneurs who used talent, work, motivation and effort to make it happen.

Those two dreamers knew how to surround themselves with a team of dedicated professionals, who are committed to excellence and who have managed to make the values ​​that shape a continually growing project their own.

Every day new challenging and innovative projects arise which mean we never stop learning, since the digital sector is very dynamic and constant reinvention is necessary.

The BigFamily is made up of people who get involved and willing to share all knowledge with their peers. Motivated people who treat the project as their own, and see how daily work impacts the success of the company.

What's more, we are very well taken care of! Our surroundings are essential in our day-to-day work, and this enables the balance of our work life with family and personal life:

  • Startup spirit
  • Continuous training
  • Flexible schedule
  • 14 nationalities
  • Healthy cooking
  • Physiotherapy
  • Leisure areas
  • Relaxation areas
  • Team-Building Events


Awards and prizes


Trust and leadership