How to Change Product Type in Shopify

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How to Change Product Type in Shopify

In this Academy, we will see how to correctly change the product type so that Multi-Channel (MIP) does not overwrite them.

Product Type: Product types are not mandatory but are useful for labeling and categorizing products. There can only be one product type per product.

For more information, refer to the Shopify Help Center on Product Types.

By default, MIP transfers the second subcategory to the Product Type field. The semicolon (;) serves as a separator between different categories to preserve the value you enter.

  • Product Type: Home and Garden; Barbecue – MIP will not overwrite your modifications – ✅
  • Product Type: Home and Garden, Barbecue – MIP will overwrite your modifications -❌

To prevent BigBuy from overwriting it, use a semicolon (;) as a separator between categories.

In case it is a single word, you should also use a semicolon (;) after it, for example:

  • Dogs;
  • If you want to leave the field blank, you must also enter a semicolon (;):

  • ;