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Amazon Connector: Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to our Amazon Connector, where we have gathered a selection of essential articles for its configuration.  Before diving into the details of each section, it is crucial to sync your Amazon account with our MIP (Multi-Channel Integration Platform). To accomplish this important step, we recommend following this tutorial:  How to…

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How to create offers in marketplaces using Price Update

If you are selling on marketplaces and synchronizing with the MIP, you might want to create special offers. At BigBuy, we've developed a feature called Price Update to facilitate creating offers for the products you want.  It's important to note that, over time, product prices may change in the BigBuy catalog. Therefore, we recommend not…

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How to put my Amazon store in vacation mode

If you're selling on Amazon, you may want to put your store in vacation mode at some point. Well, because you are going on vacation or because at some points during the year you cannot properly respond to orders. Here's how to put your Amazon store in vacation mode to avoid receiving orders. Activate vacation mode on…

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How to ship FBA orders to the Amazon warehouse

Fba Means Fulfillment by Amazon, it is a system that allows anyone to sell items on the Amazon platform, where they are stored and sent by Amazon. If you are part of Amazon's FBA programme you should follow the procedure below to send orders placed on BigBuy to the Amazon store: Order as normal on…

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Selling on Amazon: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Nowadays, selling on Amazon is key to generating income through the online channel. However, there are a number of questions and problems that tend to arise. We have gathered together the most frequent ones in this article. How do I register on Amazon? To register as an Amazon seller, click here. …

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How do I confirm the price of products on each sales channel

In this article, we explain how to view the final prices of your products on your sales channel, as well as understand how these are calculated according to the pricing rules applied and taxes, among other factors. Note: The taxes applied to the product are calculated according to the seller’s tax information and the country.…

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