How to create offers in marketplaces using Price Update

How to create offers in marketplaces using Price Update - BigBuy Academy | Documentación y ayuda técnica gratuita para clientes de BigBuy
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How to create offers in marketplaces using Price Update

If you are selling on marketplaces and synchronizing with the MIP, you might want to create special offers. At BigBuy, we’ve developed a feature called Price Update to facilitate creating offers for the products you want. 

It’s important to note that, over time, product prices may change in the BigBuy catalog. Therefore, we recommend not using this function for many products to keep your store up to date. If you want to change prices for the entire catalog, we recommend using the other tools explained in detail in the article How Price Rules Work. 

Below, we’ll explore how to use the Price Update tool step-by-step. 

Select the products you want to put on offer:

Before starting, choose the references and note them down, as you’ll need them in the following steps. 

Configure the Price Update tool in your connector:

In your connector’s Pricing Strategy, select Additional Configuration > Price updates > Disable price update by SKU to activate this tool.  
Enter each reference (SKU) whose price you don’t want the MIP to update. If desired, you can also add the references from a CSV file and remove them once your offer ends. 

Publish the changes:

Once you have entered the references, continue to the end of the configuration and click Publish to apply the changes. 

Create offers on the marketplace:

Once you have configured the MIP, you can change the prices or create offers from your marketplace’s control panel. If you have followed the steps up to this point, the prices you set in the marketplace will not be updated by our software.

Activate the price update exclusion function to be able to enter the references of the products for which you don’t want the price to be updated in the marketplace.

If you decide to use this feature, it’s necessary to stay updated on any price changes in the BigBuy catalog to avoid generating sales with negative margins.

Relevant Notes for Some Marketplaces


In order to use the price update function, you need to grant the Multi-Channel Integration Platform permissions to access the reports.

To do this, take the following steps:

  • Go to Settings> User Permissions
  • In User Permissions, click Manage Permissions.
  • Once inside, go to Reports and click on View and edit to give the permissions.

Offers that are out of stock or deactivated products are voided. When the product is registered again, the price defined by the pricing strategy that you have established in the Multi-Channel Integration Platform will be used.