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Types of shipping available on BigBuy

At BigBuy we have the best transport agencies available to deliver orders. The best transport agencies with different types of shipping from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the different types of shipping that are currently available on BigBuy along with their features.

What types of shipping are available on BigBuy?

Before continuing, you should understand the meaning of the acronym POD, which means Proof of Delivery. The types of delivery that include this have a signature on delivery service.

Now, here are the types of shipping available on BigBuy.

 Service without POD

This type of shipping is represented on BigBuy by an envelope image.

It is a postal service and therefore does not include the signature service on delivery of the order.

If you select this type of shipping you should bear in mind that it is a low cost service, so the possibilities for tracking are more restricted with this service than in the case of other carriers.

Also bear in mind that, with this service (without POD) it is not possible to confirm whether the order has actually been delivered or not, so there is a certain risk of a dispute regarding delivery.

Service with POD

Represented on BigBuy by an image of a parcel and a pencil. This type of shipping does include the signature service on delivery of the order.

By choosing this type of shipping, you will be able to track the orders better and you will know with certainty whether the package has been delivered to the corresponding address or not.

Thanks to this type of delivery, there are fewer issues, given that the parcel service includes a signature on delivery, as well as tracking.

Pallet Service

Pallet shipping is represented on BigBuy by an image of a pallet and a pencil. This is a shipping service for higher volume orders. Due to the nature of this transport, you should bear in mind that you will need to have an accessible area for unloading, as well as the machinery and necessary means for you to carry out the unloading correctly.

These are the three types of shipping that are available to you on BigBuy. Shipping is carried out by the best transport agencies.

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