BigBuy's catalogue in CSV/XML files

CSV/XML in 24 different languages

The CSV files contain information on all of BigBuy's products. The fields are::

  • Product code
  • EAN code
  • Product name
  • Product description
  • DP (distributor price)
  • RRP (recommended retail price)
  • Stock
  • Image URL (up to 8 images)
  • YouTube video (optional)
  • Activation date
  • Last modified date

DEMO files downloads


General CSV
CSV for PrestaShop
Categories CSV


General XML

CSV/XML synchronisation with your ecommerce


BigBuy provides CSV files, a general file and another adapted to the import format for Prestashop. You need to manage the imports and update the catalogue.


We provide the downloading of CSV/XML files via FTP. With the help of a programmer, this system will allow you to synchronise your catalogue through an automatic script.

Optimise your business with the new synchronisation options recommended by BigBuy.

  • Automatic synchronisation through our Multi-Channel Integration Platform. No programming knowledge required. More info here.
  • Synchronised through API. Requires programming knowledge and allows for total personalisation. More info here.

Dropshipping 360º store synchronised with BigBuy

Your complete digital business solution know-how. Equipped to promote your sales, with complete synchronisation with BigBuy (Catalogue in 24 languages, stock and prices, orders, shippers, shipping costs, tracking) and with the theme of your choice.

Frequently asked questions

Why does BigBuy offer a turnkey solution like the synchronised dropshipping shop?

It has been our own customers who have requested it, because daily CSV importation consumes too much time and hiring a programmer is not simple or cheap.

Can I start my website with a manual importation and move to automatic synchronisation later on?

No. In case you move to automatic synchronisation later on, you will lose all the SEO work done on the items.

Why is it important to update BigBuy's CSV on my website on a daily basis?

Dozens of new products are activated daily at BigBuy, and the stock statuses of the products are also updated. Sooner or later, customers who do not synchronise their website with BigBuy on a daily basis end up receiving orders of items that are out of stock and they waste time processing payments, calling their customers, etc.

Can the CSV be automatically synchronised with my website?

It is only feasible if you are a programmer and have enough skills to create a script. Otherwise, you will need to find an external company and outsource the services of a programmer. With this script you can get to automate CSV downloading via FTP, avoiding the whole daily manual importation process.

How is it possible to get FTP access to the CSV/XML files?

Customers with a Ecommerce o Marketplaces Pack who are interested in this service need to send an email to our Sales Department requesting the access keys to our FTP servers. We remind you that this option is only feasible if you are a programmer with enough skills to create a script. If you are not a programmer and have to outsource this service, you may be probably be interested in a turnkey solution like our dropshipping shops synchronisesd with BigBuy