Are you looking for the best decoration wholesaler with a dropshipping service?


Welcome to the fascinating world of dropshipping. If you are reading this post, you’ll know what we are talking about, since you are already hunting for wholesale decoration items to sell in your ecommerce store.

However, you have another big decision to make: choosing the best decoration wholesaler with a dropshipping service.

Going for a dropshipping service is one way of saving on stock investment, forgetting about renting and maintain a warehouse, and letting someone else handle the products and cumbersome logistics. Here at BigBuy, a decoration wholesaler with years of experience in the sector, we encourage you to take full advantage of this option and this fascinating area.

The decoration sector and furniture usually go hand-in-hand, partly because of the big ecommerce business they are generating in-18% of the 26 million overall. The latest figures from experts, claim that 45% of Spanish online shoppers buy decorative items or furniture over the internet, spending more money than physical store consumers.

Something else that will open your eyes is the fact that practically half of the purchases that are made are small in size, such as wholesale decorating items, for which reason the shipping costs are going to bankrupt your future clients. And that’s not all. According toa study done by ebay.es in 2016, half of consumers between 20 and 40 years of age bought decoration items at least once when they returned from their holidays.

If you have decided to open an ecommerce store, by knowing these facts and a few others about the sector, there only remains one large decision to make before getting started: which decoration wholesaler to use for you dropshippng service. You can count on us if you looking to choose the best!


Study the price of the products

As obvious as it may seem, it is vital that you consider the price when choosing your decorating wholesaler. Ideally you should do a short study of the market to find out the average price offered by dropshipping suppliers. Studying various offers will also help you find out about the payment terms, the delivery deadlines and of course the quality. Once you know the price of the wholesale decorating items, you can then appreciate what your profit margins would be.

At the same time, you might also want to consider the volume purchase discounts that the decoration wholesaler can offer you, in addition to other expenses that may come up, such as warehousing, transport and packaging. You shouldn’t underestimate this aspect when purchasing decoration items wholesale, as you could have companies as customers. We also mustn’t forget about the size of the orders.

It is important for you to know that in the decoration sector price is the main trigger for consumers to buy in an ecommerce store, where sometimes up 77% of purchases as compared to physical trade.

Due to the great volumes we handle, our knowhow, the close relationship we have with manufacturers and our experience in the sector, we try to achieve the most competitive wholesale price. We know that quality does not have to be at odds with price, and always work to make your experience satisfactory.


Consider the geographical delivery area

Before choosing the best decoration wholesaler for your ecommerce store, you need to know the geographical area for the delivery. The bigger, the better, because you’ll want to expand the market you work with when it’s time to sell.

Here at BigBuy we understand perfectly what this means, so we make shipments to the whole of Europe, a growing market where you’ll have the widest possible audience for your products. We support you with a catalogue in 24 languages, so that you’ll never have to worry about these issues and can fully concentrate on sales.


Find a decoration wholesaler with great variety

In the ocean that is the internet, it is very important to have a wide variety of products available. This becomes even more vital within the decoration sector, which is well known for this factor.

Decorative items are not only bought in response to a need, but also due to whim. So don’t forget to think about things such as individual taste and colours. The more variety that’s on offer the better you’ll do against your competition.

A good decoration wholesaler will put a multitude of wholesale decorating items, such as mirrors, lamps or photo frames at your fingertips. When a customer enters your ecommerce store, purchases a lamp and is happy with it, it is very likely that if they want a light bulb or candles in the future, they’ll come to you. For that reason, you’ll need a decoration wholesaler that can support your ecommerce store with a wide range of products.

This variety can also help you beat the competition with a strategy that can be very profitable: choose a niche and take full advantage of it. In the decoration sector we are also seeing an increase in ecommerce stores that specialise in mirrors, wall clocks and cutlery. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

One point that also deserves a mention is the advisability of having a decoration wholesaler that has the largest possible range of products on offer. The reason? In the future you may want to expand your ecommerce store with furniture for example, two sectors that go together perfectly. And if that moment arrives, it is highly advisable to trust a supplier you’re already working with.Without a doubt, the variety of products and ranges is one of our strong points.

At BigBuy we have more than 2,000 decoration articles available wholesale, such as tables, alarm clocks, mirrors, jewellers, doors and umbrella stands. But quality is always our top priority, and not forgetting all the thousands and thousands of products that we have at your disposal in other categories.


Valuing Customer Service

Even though your decorating wholesaler may seem like a simple collaborator, you shouldn’t forget that, strictly speaking, you’ll will actually be their client, for which reason we mustn’t underestimate the special attention we would expect. These days ecommerce stores demand instant responses and on an international basis, for which reason your dropshipping provider should give you support through numerous channels and if possible, in several languages.

Customer service is something we value greatly at BigBuy, so we offer multiple channels of communication and care in various languages, such as Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.


Fast shipping and correct packaging

One of the vital points when it comes to choosing the best decoration wholesaler with a dropshipping service, is the shipping times. If orders take a lot longer than 24/48 hours to deliver, you should be concerned! This can really mess things up for you and your ecommerce store. The competition could end up getting the better of you if your delivery times are not what is required by the online world.

You should also make sure that your services have their own packaging with their own distinctive brand, or alternatively with nothing at all. All this shows the professionalism of the decoration wholesaler you are working with, so that your ecommerce store will never be overlooked.

At BigBuy we try to give you the best possible service, by providing fast and quick shipping. Most paid orders made before 12:00 pm are sent out on the same day, although for logistical reasons they may sometimes be delayed 24/48 hours. We also send the orders with your labelling, always keeping ourselves in the background and preserving your brand image, after all the sale is yours!


Finding a different type of dropshipping wholesaler

Beginning your journey in the world of ecommerce is not that easy, so you should look for a decoration wholesaler that gives you added value helping you with the process.

Having a business relationship with a dropshipping provider means that the more you earn, the more they will earn, which is why they should be involved in the processes of training, marketing, ecommerce and above all internationalisation. This last point is very necessary considering the competition and what it means to sell on the internet. Your ecommerce store will not only consist of decoration items or only of customers that speak your language. This is where you will find out if your dropshipping wholesaler is really any good, or just like all the others.

At BigBuy we have always believed that training is essential for starting an ecommerce project, so we make two great supports available to our customers: our popular Academy and our blog on marketing and electronic trading, translated into 23 languages.


It couldn’t be simpler: a turnkey solution

Considering that embarking on the creation and management of an ecommerce store can be an uphill struggle if you do not have advanced technical knowledge, the best option would be to go for a decoration wholesaler with dropshipping service that offers you a turnkey solution.

This solution means nothing less than that your dropshipping provider can create your online store and deliver it to you fully synchronised with products, orders, shipping companies. Simple and practical, right?

At BigBuy we have offered this option for some time: creating a store to help you maximise your ecommerce sales. In a matter of 2 to 5 days, we’ll have your 360º dropshipping shop equipped with a Multi-Channel Integration Platform, integrating e-marketplaces, WordPress blog, newsletter creation tools, Facebook store, support resources and total synchronisation with BigBuy. Our goal is that you’ll be able to fully focus on sales.

By taking into account all these key points, we hope that your route to choosing the perfect decorating wholesaler with dropshipping service is an easy one. It’s all up you!

Are you looking for the best decoration wholesaler with a dropshipping service?
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