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How to synchronise Shopify through the Multi-Channel Integration Platform

In this post, we show you how to synchronise your Shopify store through the Multi-Channel Integration Platform (MIP). To do this, you should have created an account on Shopify. If you don’t have one, create one using this link. It is important that you do so using the link above so that we can track your shop, should you have any problems.

Once you have your online store, you can synchronise it with the Multi-Channel Integration Platform.

Go to the “Ecommerce Software” section on the MIP menu.


  • Once inside, a list will appear of the sales channels that have been previously configured in your account. In the Shopify section, you need to click on the add new channel button (represented by the “+” symbol).
  • In the Shopify configuration window, the following information will appear which you need to complete:

    Firstly, complete the data in the first box:

  • Name. Enter the name of the shop to identify it on the MIP.
  • Shop language. Select the language you want to use to synchronise your catalogue and categories (only allows one language).
  • Shop URL. You will need to enter the URL address of the Shopify store (

Next, use one of the two methods to log into your Shopify online store through the Multi-Channel Integration Platform to continue with the synchronisation.

  1. Through the Shopify official APP
  2. Through private APP

Synchronise your store through the official Shopify App

  1. Download the official Shopify App from BigBuy and install it.

You can download the official APP from the Multi-channel Integration Platform or using the following link.

  1. Activate the option on the Multi-channel Integration Platform

Once you have activated the option, click on login and log into your Shopify account.

Now you can click on continue to finish configuring your Shopify online store.

Synchronise your store through private APP

if you want to use the currency conversion factor for shipping charges, you should use the Login with our official Shopify App and stop using the private application if you were already using it.

1. First of all, access the control panel of your Shopify store and go into the “Apps” section of the menu on the left hand side. There, you need to create the API key and give the relevant permissions in Shopify so that BigBuy can perform the synchronisation.


Click on the link “Manage private apps” to reach the next screen.


If you have already created an API key, it will be listed in this section. To create the new API key, press on the button “Create a new private app” which will take you to the next screen.

On this screen, three sections will appear:

App detail. In this section you should enter the name of the private App (BigBuy MIP, for example) in the field “Private app name”. In the field “Emergency developer Email” you will also need to enter the email address you have used in your shop.
Admin API. In this section, you will need to give permissions to the private app so that it has the necessary access (Read and write). The following pictures shows all the permissions you need to assign so that the synchronisation works correctly.

The permissions that do not appear in the previous list can be configured as “No access” since the APP does not need access.

Storefront API. You need to leave this section unchecked. If you activate it, it will enable users to access your shop’s information which appears when you check this option, which you don’t want to do.

Once the relevant information has been completed, click on “Save” and Shopify will show you the information about the API that you need on the MIP to be able to synchronise the shop.

Once you perform these actions in the Shopify store, you will have the necessary information. Go to the Multi-Channel Integration Platform, activate the Via private APP option and complete the API Key and Password fields.

You can now click on “Continue” and, if everything is correct, the process for publishing the shop will continue.

How do I complete the configuration of the Multi-channel Integration Platform?

With all of these synchronisation options configured, the last step is to click on “Publish”, which will send the selected catalogue to the Shopify shop.



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