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How to synchronise your marketplace or ecommerce platform through the Multi-channel Integration Platform

In this article, you will find an updated list of all the guides for synchronising the main ecommerce platforms and marketplaces which have a BigBuy connector through the Multi-Channel Integration Platform.  Ecommerce Platform Magento  WooCommerce Shopify  PrestaShop Marketplaces Amazon eBay  AliExpress  Fnac …

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Amazon Connector: Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to our Amazon Connector, where we have gathered a selection of essential articles for its configuration.  Before diving into the details of each section, it is crucial to sync your Amazon account with our MIP (Multi-Channel Integration Platform). To accomplish this important step, we recommend following this tutorial:  How to…

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Shopify Dropshipping Shop 360º: Complete guide

If you have recently purchased a Dropshipping Shop 360º, it is necessary that you first read the following Academy: What to do After Buying a Dropshipping Shop 360 After taking ownership of your new 360 store, you will be able to access it in order to customise it and start selling the products in the…

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How do I confirm the price of products on each sales channel

In this article, we explain how to view the final prices of your products on your sales channel, as well as understand how these are calculated according to the pricing rules applied and taxes, among other factors. Note: The taxes applied to the product are calculated according to the seller’s tax information and the country.…

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Minimum server requirements to sync PrestaShop with Multi-channel Integration Platform

Servers that are verified and recommended by BigBuy
Here at BigBuy, we have carried out a testing process on these servers to ensure they work correctly with BigBuy. Because of this, we have verified them as being suitable for working with our solutions, both for the dropshipping 360º store and for the PrestaShop and Woocommerce stores. IMPORTANT: if you are not using the recommended server, please ensure that you meet the requirements detailed below.
When purchasing the BigBuy Ecommerce or a higher pack, you need a server that meets the minimum requirements to support the online shop and the synchronizations being run through via our Multi-Channel Integration Platform.

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How do price rules work?

In this article we explain to you how to set your prices to start selling and even some additional functionalities that will help you choose and set your price strategy.  1. Policies and other legal information 2. Products and collections 3. Prices and currencies 4. Languages 5. Shipping 6. Manage orders 7. Shop layout 1.…

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