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How to sell on social networks

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What is Social Selling and what can it do for your ecommerce?

Social networks are very important tools for your ecommerce. For this reason, BigBuy wants to facilitate this process by providing you with optimised materials for Social Selling.

Whether you want to make your products known or sell them directly, Social Selling is key in your strategy, as it consists of getting the most benefit out of social networks to increase your sales.

Selling on social networks: where to carry out Social Selling

Create profiles for your ecommerce, update them periodically to generate a large community of followers and take advantage of all the power of social networks.

In which social networks should I carry out Social Selling?

According to the type of product you are selling and your target public, you should choose the social network that best adapts to your business. We detail the most important ones below:

Is the platform par excellence for 97% of social advertisers and has over 2 billion active users. It provides numerous options to carry out Social Selling, such as Facebook Ads or the products catalogue.

Linked to Facebook, it is less saturated with publicity and is much more visual. However, the investment in publicity is some 23% higher than that on Facebook.
Each day, 500 million tweets are sent out.

Its social selling figures are enviable and its features are notable. 81% of its users are women, 93% use this social network to plan purchases and 83% has made a purchase through Pinterest.

Because of its lack of competition, it is a rough diamond for Social Selling, as long as your target public is found among the users of this social network.

BigBuy helps you to carry out Social Selling

BigBuy makes it easy for you, with diverse content for a selection of products Top Sales on social networks. Discover the materials we have placed at your disposal in the ”Social Selling” section of your control panel and begin selling on social networks:

Optimised videos.

A high resolution image to use freely.

Images in the main social network formats (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter).

An already optimised brief description in Spanish and English to publish directly onto your social networks.

Access your control panel if you would like to see what we have prepared to increase your sales on social networks.