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How do I confirm the price of items on each sales channel?

If you are unsure about the retail price of products once they have been published, we will show you how to confirm it.

Before anything else, access the Multi-channel Integration Platform from the BigBuy control panel.

  • In the menu bar on the left hand side, go to the “Products” section. This section contains all the information relating to the products catalogue, as well as information related to the sales channels on which each product is published.
  • Once inside, you can view more detailed information on each product by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the desired item line.

  • Once you access the desired product file, you will find the product information in the left hand section.
    In the right hand section you can view the “Publication Status” table, in which you can find all the sales channels you have configured.
    If the active product has been “Published”, this means that it is for sale on that channel. If, on the contrary, it appears as “Not Published”, it means that the product is not for sale on that channel. You can control the publication process from the “Synchronisation of sales channel catalogue” step. In the “Price” column, you can check the retail price of that product on each sales channel. If you click on the blue icon, you can view the details of the price calculation with the price rule applied.

  • On the page that appears when you click on the blue formula icon, you will find the price details with the price rules applied, such as taxes, commissions…

In this way, you can view the desired product price as it applies to each sales channel. If you wish, you can verify this with the sales channel price by going into the control panel of the actual sales channel. Be aware that if you have made any changes in the price strategy, you will need to allow a short period of time for the changes to be reflected.

IMPORTANT! The VAT applied corresponds to your invoicing country regardless of the VAT that you may wish to have in your shop. If you do not want to apply VAT in your shop, we recommend that you read the following article on how to configure the sale price without VAT.

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