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How to manage the inclusion and exclusion of products through the Multi-Channel Integration Platform

During the process of publishing a new sales channel through the Multi-Channel Integration Platform, one of the actions you need to carry out is to choose which products to publish.

To begin, the first step that you need to take is to choose the products that you would like to publish on the channel from the catalogue.

At the top of the screen on the “Synchronisation” step, you will find three tabs called “Product Selection”, “Product exclusion” and “Selected products”.

  • Selección de productos. En esta pestaña debe seleccionar los productos a publicar mediante la selección de categorías, marcas y/o referencias de productos.

    To select by categories, you can choose the categories you want from the drop-down category tree.
    Note: If you select a category, this will include all the subcategories by default.

    To select by brands, if you add “brands included” to your listing, all the products belonging to that brand will be selected for publishing on the sales channel.

    To select by references, when you add a reference to the select reference list, the product will be selected for publishing on your sales channel.

  • Exclude products. In this tab, select the exclusion rule for brands and product references.
    To exclude brands, select the brands that you want to add to the “Excluded brands” list. This will exclude all the products from this brand from your sales channel.

    To exclude references, you can add the references of products to the “Excluded references” list, and this will exclude these products from being published on the sales channel.

  • Selected products. In this tab you can check the products to be published on the sales channel according to the selection/exclusion rules that you have established on the other tabs.

Note: Be aware that when publishing, it is possible that not all the products will be published in the sales channel. This may be due to there being no stock available, rejection of the publication by the marketplace or due to other reasons.

How it works: things to keep in mind

  • If you select different categories, brands and products in the selection tab: all the products belonging to the selected categories will be included, as well as all the products belonging to the selected brands and the products selected.
  • If categories are selected in the selection tab but there are brands and references in the exclusion tab: all products belonging to the selected categories will be added, but if the product appears within the “Excluded brands” list of brand products or the “Excluded reference” list, these products will not be published.
  • If no category is added in the selection, but brands are added in the “Brands included” tab, or references are included in the “References included” tab: all the products in the “Brands included” list and the products in the “References included” list will be published in the sales channel, even though none of their categories has been included.

Note: Remember that all selection/exclusion rules that have been configured for publication of the sales channel will affect the list of products on the “Selected products” tab. You can check the products that will be published “in real time” when you finalise the publishing process.

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