How to synchronise Cdiscount using Multi-channel Integration Platform

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How to synchronise Cdiscount using Multi-channel Integration Platform

All about Cdiscount: sign-up process, Platform Management and Multi-Channel Synchronisation Integration Platform

In this article we’ll show you how the platform works and explain how to work with Cdiscount step by step. Here you can find everything you need to know about product integration, API connections, information management, orders and more.

  1. Account validation and registration

Before you start with Cdiscount integration, you must create a vendor account and validate it. To do this visit the Cdiscount Marketplace page and click Subscribe, fill in the data and follow the steps as indicated.

Please note that your account will not be fully validated until you have received a sign-up confirmation email. When you have received this email click on the link that will take you to the registration page, where you need to enter the data.

Step 1, attach image file of an identity document, front and back.

Step 2, where the company’s information is located, attach a document attesting to the existence of the company: “incorporation certificate, limited liability company certificate or self-evaluation declaration”

Step 3, upload a document from your bank, showing the following information: bank logo, name and address of bank, and IBAN, BIC/SWIFT.

  1. Access to the Cdiscount seller

Once you have validated your Cdiscount account, access it to enter your login details in this link: user and password.

  1. Sync the catalogue with the Multi-Channel Integration Platform

To begin selling in your Cdiscount account, connect the Multi-Channel Integration Platform product catalogue with the Cdiscount marketplace.

Once your account has been created, configure the connection parameters.

Enter Cdiscount to get API keys. To protect the account, the account connection configuration is dissociated with the API connection configuration.

To access the API, you must establish your credentials before using it. Access Settings>your vendor parameters>connection parameters and modify access to both the vendor space and the API connection:

The API connection data you have just modified are those you will need to enter in the Cdiscount marketplace configuration in the Multi-Channel Integration Platform.

Once you’ve done all the steps, it’s time to synchronise your Cdiscount account with BigBuy in the Multi-Channel Integration Platform, so you can start publishing your catalogue.

Access BigBuy enter Control Panel>Multi-Channel>Emarketplaces. Click on the Cdiscount symbol “+”. And add the login data to the API in the first step.

Note that the API user you enter into the Multi-Channel Integration Platform in this step, must include “-api” at the end. Example: username-api. Do not delete this when you enter it.

Click Continue to synchronise the categories you are interested in publishing in the Cdiscount marketplace.


In the Multi-Channel Integration Platform synchronisation phase, select the categories you want to publish.

If you want to know how to select categories you can find out in this link.


Automatic order acceptance

For orders to be automatically accepted in Cdiscount and then transferred to the Multi-Channel Integration Platform directly, you need to change certain settings in the Cdiscount Seller Zone.

Click Settings > Your Store settings.

Then click on other settings.

Enable the option to automatically Accept orders.

Now your customers’ orders will be automatically accepted for processing and shipping.



The system will connect to the best transport service in each country of delivery, so there is no need to perform any configuration.

Shipping options

To set the shipping options you want to offer, access the Cdiscount control panel and click on Settings > Shipping options.

In order for your store to work, simply select the following two shipping forms:

  • Tracking
  • Certified

The “shipping options” screen should look like the following image:

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are currently determined on the basis of item weight and the average BigBuy shipping costs. They are automatically sent to Cdiscount via the API and it isn’t currently possible to modify them.

Additional charges may be introduced for Corsica. These charges will apply to all orders placed for this area, and one more day will be added to Cdiscount.


Once you have selected the categories to be published and have configured the shipping costs, it is time to set the price margins.

You have all the information you need in the following article: How price rules work.


Once you have set up all the previous stages, you’re ready to publish the catalogue. After posting, verify within a few hours that products have been created on the Cdiscount platform at Products > Consult your products.

Now that you’ve published the products, you can start selling.

If you want to know how to manage orders in this Marketplace, don’t miss the following article: How to Manage Orders in the Multi-Channel Integration Platform.