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Do dropshipping with European products and gain the loyalty of your customers

Everyone thinks that dropshipping is child’s play and that anyone can do it with just some basic concepts and knowledge of how to use the internet. But, to be successful at dropshipping, you need to do it well, to have satisfied customers and establish a stable business over time.

To achieve this, you need a reliable supplier, one that you can talk to whenever you need to, that provides you with a good after-sales service and that has years of experience in the sector. Don’t experiment with money, more often than not: it turns out badly.

“Our products are top quality and our warehouses are located in Europe.”

We currently have a catalogue containing more than 100,000 products from a multitude of categories and more than 3000 brands, all in stock, which enables us to ship products from various categories in one delivery. Our entire catalogue is translated into 24 languages, so you can select which markets you want to sell in.

Dropshipping EU

With warehousing in Europe, all of the products fulfil the European Union’s quality certifications and guarantees and transit times for deliveries start from 24h, as opposed to dropshipping shipments that come from China and which take an average of 20 days to reach their destination.

“A dropshipping supplier with premium stock was unimaginable.”

But at BigBuy, we aren’t just wholesalers, we also offer technology, logistics solutions and many other services.

Whether you are an expert, or you are taking your first steps in dropshipping, you should bear in mind that your supplier should be the priority for your business. The quality of the products, with all the European guarantees, and the short transit times for shipments will ensure that your customers return to buy from your store and that they also recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

Comparison chart for EU dropshipping and China dropshipping

China Dropshipping EU Dropshipping
Shipping times 15 -21 days From 24 hours
Quality Low quality products. Certifications risks. Good quality products. European EC quality certified products.
Returns >4% <1%
Withdrawal >4% <1%
Courier Postal service Multiple options (SEUR, GLS, Express Delivery…)
Billing Invoicing difficulties because it is a Chinese company Spanish company
Guarantee No guarantees 2 year European guarantee
Payment methods Account blocks due to complaints about delays in shipments Problem-free, as shipments are fast


The margin per product in dropshipping from China is higher than EU dropshipping but the margin of the business in the medium term levels out, because when dropshipping from China you have to take on certain costs, including: a guarantee, which is not provided by the seller, returns, broken products, lower percentage of repeat purchases, higher percentage of withdrawals… which means that EU dropshipping will enable you to have a more sustainable business in the medium-long term.

Do dropshipping with European products and gain the loyalty of your customers
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