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Do dropshipping premium on Shopify with BigBuy

BigBuy is your ideal provider for dropshipping on Shopify

It does not require any technical knowledge

Create your Shopify store quickly and easily.Personalise it to your own taste. +info

Thousands of professional templates

Choose your design from thousands of templates.Shopify App store has thousands of Apps. +info

Software Cloud

Does not require a server.You can contract your monthly Shopify plan from 25€ +info

Shopify support

Complete multilingual support and a help centre can assist you, as can the one at BigBuy.

Marketing integration platforms

Connect easily with Google and Facebook.Includes email marketing software.

Shopify Payments

Set the most popular payment methods, including credit cards, in just a few clicks.

No need to invest in stock

Only pay for what you sell.Focus your efforts on selling, BigBuy will do the rest.

Multi-Channel Integration Platform

Cloud software that centralises management of your Shopify and other platforms. +info

Dispatch within 24/48 hours.

Stock available in Europe for quick deliveries.

How do you synchronise with Shopify?

360° Dropshipping Shop

Powered by BigBuy

We take care of setting up your store in 2-5 days so that you only need to take care of the selling.

9 designs to choose from optimised by BigBuy.
Choose a theme or customise one.
Completely synchronised store.
50% discount from the 2nd store.
Shopify connector

Shopify connector

Develop your own store

With our Shopify connector, you can set up your own Shopify store and synchronise it with BigBuy if you prefer.

Up to 2 stores are allowed per connector.
30.000 products available per store.
Manage your shop with Multi-channel Integration Platform. +info
Themes recommended by BigBuy. +info

Initial steps for selling on Shopify

  • Activate the connector

    Activate the connector

    Available from the Ecommerce pack.

    Activate connector
  • Create your store on Shopify

    Create your store on Shopify

    Only if you are setting up your own store. With the 360º store, we will take charge of everything.

    Create a store
  • Select the products you want to sell

    Select the products you want to sell

    ###NUM_REFERENCES### of items to choose from the BigBuy catalogue

    Go to Multi-Channel Integration Platform
  • Define your pricing strategy

    Define your pricing strategy

    By price range, by category or by item.

  • Configure your Shopify store

    Configure your Shopify store

    Shipping charges, Payment methods, Store information, Customisation of texts…

  • You can start selling now!

    You can start selling now!

    When a customer buys something from your Shopify store, BigBuy will take care of everything!

Frequently asked questions about how to sell with Shopify

We have connectors for other platforms, such as PrestaShop or Woocommerce. Choose the one that best suits your business.

  • PrestaShop
  • WooCommerce

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