Dropshipping with WooCommerce

Create your WooCommerce store without investment

Dropshipping with WooCommerce

Dropship with your WooCommerce online store

Connect your WooCommerce store to BigBuy with our plugin

Easy to use

WooCommerce is an easy-to-use WordPress plug-in for creating online shops. +info

Thousands of themes available

Choose the theme that you like most or customise it according to your needs.

Cheap server

You can hire a server for your WooCommerce shop from 20€/month. +info

The largest community

Make the most of belonging to a community with millions of users around the world.

Open source platform

Amend the code as you wish, or choose from the thousands of WooCommerce plugins available.

Best content manager

The ideal platform for your inbound strategy, works on search engine positioning!

Your business without investment

Thanks to Dropshipping, you can have your WooCommerce online store without investing in stock.

Woocommerce connector

Synchronise your WooCommerce shop with the Multi-Channel Integration Platform. +info

Fast shipping

European 20.000m² warehouse with products in stock. Deliveries from 24 hrs

How to synchronise your WooCommerce store with BigBuy?

WooCommerce connector

WooCommerce connector

Develop your own store

Create your online store with WooCommerce and synchronise it with BigBuy. If you already have one, expand your catalogue.

Up to 2 stores are allowed per connector.
30.000 products available per store.
Manage your store with the Multi-channel Integration Platform +info
Thousands of plugins and themes available.

First steps for selling with WooCommerce

  • Activate the connector

    Activate the connector

    Available from the Ecommerce pack.

    Activate connector
  • Create your WooCommerce store

    Create your WooCommerce store

    Create your own WooCommerce store and apply a theme to it.

    Create a store
  • Select the countries you want to sell to.

    Select the countries you want to sell to.

    ###NUM_REFERENCES### of items to choose from the BigBuy catalogue

    Go to Multi-Channel Integration Platform
  • Define your pricing strategy

    Define your pricing strategy

    By price range, by category or by item.

  • Set up your WooCommerce store

    Set up your WooCommerce store

    Install the plugins you need and set up shipping, payment, information ...

  • Start selling!

    Start selling!

    When you sell something in your WooCommerce store: BigBuy will take care of everything!

Frequently asked questions about how to sell with WooCommerce

We have connectors for other platforms such as PrestaShop and Shopify, choose the one that's right for your business.

  • PrestaShop
  • Shopify

Synchronise your WooCommerce online store with BigBuy and start selling

Make the most of your WooCommerce connector and synchronise in minutes!