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Sell BigBuy products on the Amazon marketplace

Do dropshipping on Amazon easily

Top 1 marketplaces

Visibility guaranteed. Millions of customers shop on Amazon each day.

No need to invest in stock, pay only for what you sell

Thousands of BigBuy products will be in your stock without investing a single euro.

Marketplace fee

Amazon charges a single monthly fee of €39 to sell in all the marketplaces.

Dispatch within 24/48 hours.

20,000 m2 of stock available in Europe for fast deliveries to all countries.

Multi-Channel Integration Platform

Cloud software that centralises all the management of your business, ecommerce and marketplaces.

Select from 90,178 items

Extensive catalogue of top brands and a multitude of categories.

In just a few clicks

Configure your store in just a few minutes. Focus your efforts on selling, BigBuy takes care of the rest.

Marketplace commission

Amazon charges a variable commission of between 7% and 15% depending on the product category.

International sales

Sell to any country from the German, UK, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch marketplaces.

Start doing dropshipping with Amazon now!

How do you start selling on Amazon?

The first steps for dooing dropshipping on Amazon

  • Activate the BigBuy connector

    Available for clients with an active marketplaces pack.

    Activate connector
  • Create your account on Amazon

    You will need your personal information and your bank details

    Create account
  • Select the products you want to sell

    90,178 of items to choose from the BigBuy catalogue

    Go to Multi-Channel Integration Platform
  • Configure your shipping charges

    Both national and international, from your Amazon account.

  • Configure your pricing rules

    By price range, by category, by brands, marketplace commissions, etc.

  • You can start selling now!

    When a customer buys something from your Amazon dropshipping store:
    BigBuy will take care of everything!

Frequently asked questions about how to sell on Amazon

  • Amazon charges a monthly fee of €39 + a commission per order sold. The commission varies by category from 7% to 15%.
  • To sell on Amazon you need a credit card, bank details and your personal details.
  • It is not an essential requirement for Amazon but it is necessary in order to create a Pro seller account and work with BigBuy’s Multi-channel Integration Platform.
  • Yes. Amazon charges a monthly fee and a commission per order sold, but even so, it is a profitable sales channel because you are showing your products to millions of buyers.
  • It is not necessary, but if you advertise your products with Amazon Ads, you will be able to generate sales more easily, which will help you to generate reviews as a seller and this will help you to position yourself in the marketplace.
  • Yes, in fact, if you are going to sell in various marketplaces it is advisable to carry out the configuration via international listing through the Multi-channel Integration Platform.
  • Amazon pays the orders after 14 days.
  • Shipping charges should be configured in your Amazon account control panel.
  • Yes. Having free shipping increases the conversion rate of your store. Obviously you should take it into account when it comes to setting the sales prices of your products.
  • Yes. You can do FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) with BigBuy. This business model involves buying stock from BigBuy and managing the Amazon account directly. Our cloud software enables you to work fully automatically with Amazon using the FBM (Fulfilment by Merchant) model for doing dropshipping on Amazon.
  • Yes. We have an API available to enable integration with Amazon if you need a customised integration. If you don’t need customised integration, we recommend that you work with our Multi-channel Integration Platform cloud software.
    • - Review Amazon notifications daily.
    • - Control the rates of delayed orders and, if necessary, extend the transit days.
    • - Do not create false reviews.
    • - Carry out the initial publication of products on your new account in a gradual manner.
    Follow our Academy's instructions to configure your account.
  • Yes. Customer ratings are an extremely important parameter for the performance of the seller account.
  • Yes. Amazon, like any online store, is subject to the right to withdraw enforced by legislation in Europe and which is 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • All BigBuy products are from top brands and have authorisation for sales and distribution.

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